(Still) Walkin on Sunshine!

Summer might be over, but I’m still walkin on sunshine!

The smell of freshly printed power points, the feel of brand new pens between my fingertips, and the comforting sound of the alarm clock blaring at 5:00 am. This can only mean one thing- it’s back to school at the Grove!

But let’s back up a second; a lot has happened between now and the last time my blog graced your computer screen. Us nursing students have been quite busy! Here’s a little sampling of what some of my classmates and I have been up to during our school hiatus:

Laurie H. was a Nursing Assistant at a Pediatric Outpatient GI Office in Atlanta, GA

Sheenali N. was a Nurse Extern in the Emergency Department at Shady Grove Hospital AND traveled to TANZANIA!

Ilana L. was a Nursing Assistant on a Cardiac Telemetry and Post-Surgical Floor in Chicago, IL

Kinjal B. was a Student Nurse Resident on the Pediatric Progressive Care unit at University of Maryland Medical Center

Claire T. was a Student Nurse Extern on an Orthopedic Floor at Sibley Memorial Hospital

This summer, I was a Student Nurse Extern on the Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! It was an absolutely incredible experience and totally reaffirmed my love for pediatrics, and oncology and transplant in particular. During my ten weeks in Philadelphia, I worked alongside a nurse preceptor to deliver direct nursing care to children and families. We also attended educational seminars, shadowed other units in the hospital, and learned the ins and outs of nursing care in a real patient-care setting. I am so thankful to have had such an eye-opening and hands on experience this summer and am excited to continue my work on the unit as a Nurse Tech during the year(as my schedule allows)!

The face of pre-night shift determination. Sponsored by Starbucks Coffee (Could not have done it without you!)

The face of pre-night shift determination. Sponsored by Starbucks Coffee.

FullSizeRender (2) copy

The atrium of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. My heart still skips a beat every time I walk in!


Check us out! Our final poster presentation brought to you by the 3E/3S Oncology and Transplant Externs.


No, we did not plan the stripes coordination. Just some telepathy only shared by nursing friends.

FullSizeRender (2) copy 2

Camp Tall Tree! One of the best places on earth!

I also volunteered at a residential camp in Michigan for children with autism, spent time at the beach, and visited fellow UMB nursing student, Ilana in her hometown of Chicago! Spoiler alert- New York pizza is definitely better than Chicago style…

As awesomely exciting as this summer was, beginning classes again at USG feels like coming home, and it feels so sweet. It is great to reunite with friends and tackle a new course load and clinical schedule.

Crazy to think that last year as this time, we were timid and shy newbies. Look at us now! We are fearless!

Welcome back, USG!

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1 Response to (Still) Walkin on Sunshine!

  1. This is so reaffirming for us first year nursies!! I can’t wait to feel like you! ❤

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