A New Year, A Time For Reflection

WELCOME BACK TO ‘AROUND THE GROVE’. All of us bloggers, old and new, are so excited to be back here writing again, and we hope that you enjoy the blog this year! So let’s do this!

It is quite convenient that the beginning of my senior year (bring on field work, longer commutes, and the dreaded research class), also happens to be the beginning of the Jewish new year. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are the two big Jewish holidays that kick off ‘Fall holiday season’ and place a lot of emphasis on reflecting and repenting on the past, while settings goals for the future.

So now, I will take some time to reflect and set some goals for this upcoming academic year, and crazily, my final year here at the Universities of Shady Grove.

  1. Take advantage of what our campus has to offer

It took me way too long to realize that there is an amphitheater on our campus, and that this is a perfect place to eat some lunch or do some homework while the weather is nice. It also took me way too long to realize how amazing the iced soy mochas are at the Green Grove Cafe. (also, the nicest staff works there, so you will certainly leave with a coffee and a smile)

2. Always be making sure that mental health is a top priority

For without your sanity, it is hard to efficiently accomplish much. In order to succeed in all other aspects, such as my courses and field work, I really need to make sure that I am taking care of myself. With the stressors of school and life in general, it is so easy to get overwhelmed and frozen, but it so important to make reminders that self-care should always remain a top priority. It is also extremely wonderful that USG offers counseling services, making it so much easier to implement this goal. (For information on the Center for Counseling and Consultation: http://www.shadygrove.umd.edu/campus-services/ccc)

3. Make time for volunteering

I have noticed in the past that I am always happier when I dedicate a certain number of hours a week, or month, toward solely helping others. Whether it be going to a soup kitchen, volunteering at a homeless shelter or old age home, or anything else one can think of, I am really going to try to make it a priority to be taking part in regular volunteering opportunities.

4. Have some fun!

IT IS MY SENIOR YEAR! I NEED TO ENJOY MYSELF A LITTLE BIT! I’m putting this as my final goal so that I remember to indulge in having fun, regardless of everything going on in my academic world! And so should you!

I’m looking forward to implementing these new goals into my everyday life, and throughout the year I will post some updates on this blog about how they’re all going!

Happy Monday and have a happy week!!!!!

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