“Good-bye,” “Thank you,” “I survived!”

Those are just a few of the sentiments the decorated scrub tops you may have seen hanging in the lobby of the Camille Kendall Academic Center (a.k.a. Building III) on the Shady Grove campus hope to convey.

Each spring, graduating seniors (of which I am one) decorate their white uniform scrub tops as a way to celebrate the completion of nursing school. Our own Shady Grove website has a concise history of the tradition, but it dates back to the 1920s, when nursing students on the Baltimore campus would string their uniform tops from their dorm room windows to the School of Nursing building.

Our own Kathie Dever and Cassia Gordon  coordinate the effort on the Shady Grove campus. The uniforms were strung up yesterday and will stay through the week, then they’ll be shipped up to Baltimore where the Dean of the Maryland School of Nursing will string them, and where they will remain on display through graduation on May 15th.

I know my classmates have all enjoyed decorating their tops and the results are impressive. Go take a look if you haven’t already!


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1 Response to “Good-bye,” “Thank you,” “I survived!”

  1. Gabriela says:

    We’ll miss you smiller! And your blog posts:)

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