Don’t Just Focus on the Destination- Enjoy the Ride!

Starting out college at UMBC’s main campus, I had one goal: to obtain my bachelor’s degree and get into medical school. I went into school and studied pretty much all day every day. I joined Pre medical society and the Biology council of majors to support my interest in going to medical school but other than that I was not involved on campus at all.

I decided to transfer to UMD’s biological sciences program at USG due to various reasons, and realized it was a gift in disguise. I had been given a chance to start all over again and do college differently. I envied students that were able to make huge differences at the university in just four years. I wanted to be as memorable as they would be. So I entered USG with one more goal than I previously had: make an impression!

Come orientation time during the summer, there was a period where we could meet the officers of all different organizations on campus and sign up for those organizations. I scoured the area and signed up for many different organizations that seemed of interest to me. They included Student Event Board, Terps without Borders, Pre Professional Health Club, and Student Council. I was surprised to find out that I had actually been accepted to be the Secondary Institutional Representative for UMCP in the Student Council. I looked for an opportunity and was given one. As the semester went on, I also was given the position of Vice Chair of Recruitment for Student Event Board and even became a USG student blogger. All in my first semester at USG.

Thomas Edison said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Going out of my comfort zone and signing up to be a part of these organizations gave me more opportunities than I could ever imagine. I was able to take part in major events on campus, be connected with numerous administrators on a more personal level, and meet a ton more people than I would ever have. They have also made my path to medical school a lot more enjoyable and impressive. I feel like I am on my way to making my mark on this campus and I still have another year to go!

Really enjoyed working with these people in the student council this year!

Really enjoyed working with these people in the student council this year!

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