A word to my Public Health Science Fellows

I have been contemplating for a while but now I have come to grips with my message. The message is to you my 2015 Public Health Science graduates. You and I know this journey very well than anybody else. We have been together every semester; working together on projects, class activities, and studying for exams. You all know our challenges and our triumphs; now you will be entering the world to venture on yet another journey. A journey that will push forward the agenda of making people healthy and ensuring the safety of the public.

In the world that awaits, not everyone will agree with everything you and I will say but we should remember that with patience and persistence our cause will spread like a cancerous tumor. It will be hard to change behaviors and promote healthy living but that’s what the world will remember us for. I cannot predict what you will need to be very successful in the field of public health of your choice,but I will guarantee that hard-work and a positive mood are the key ingredients that will be crucial to your success.

Whatever you will pursue, I urge you to put all your heart into it. Enjoy what you do and continue to promote the health and well-being of the public. I say this because you and i will not serve the purpose of our degrees if we refrain from promoting health. I cannot say this enough, but thank you for all the assistance and fellowship you have and continue to render until we finish this journey together. Hang on! May 22 is just around the corner.

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