Could this be the secret to unlocking the codes to our brain power?

Albert Einstein said ‘’ Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning’’. I know a lot of you may want to understand, why keep questioning? What kind of questions? How about if all the questions have been answered?   Well! I realized one very important thing. If you don’t ask questions, it will be difficult to understand things faster. That is why good lawyers are the ones that keep asking questions.     I am not asking anyone to be a lawyer, neither am I suggesting that you think like a lawyer.   All I am saying is that asking questions is what will shape you into a good student academically and professionally.

After adopting the strategy of asking questions, I realized that my understanding rose from 60% to 100%. Some of you are already asking how I measured my understanding in terms of percentages.   If you are one of the people asking that question, you are in the right direction to a deeper understanding of how the questioning strategy works to your advantage in increasing your understanding.

It is easy to agree with everything that we are presented with. The detriment to that is that you do not know if that is true or not until you start questioning. Why am I even telling you about this secret to increasing your brain power?   Have you heard the common belief that we only use 10% of our brain? How about if I can tell you that asking questions engages your brain by boosting its power from 10% to 100%?.

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