In the Eye of The Storm


It’s something we all strive to have in our lives, we do everything we can to keep our world in the palm of our hands. Little things like exercising regularly, to big things like landing your dream job, we are in control of our lives.

So what happens when you’re faced with something that’s simply out of your reach?

Each and every one of us will at some point be confronted with a situation that is beyond our control. You may feel powerless, frustrated, and even hopeless.

You have a decision to make – How you respond.


The past few months have been a roller-coaster for me and my family, and the ride is only getting started. My mother’s health is in dire straits, she has been suffering from a chronic migraine condition for decades. It’s gotten to the point now, that she had to take drastic measures with the hopes of emerging with better control over her health and thus over her life.

My mom had to quit her job, sell our home, and purchase an unbelievably expensive new insurance in order for her to get the best care out there. The stress has been agonizing.

Then my teacher assigned a project: a documentary.

You can guess what topic came to mind. Finally, I thought – something I have control over. Days went by and my creativity went flowing through my veins like hot lava. I felt passionate, focused, and determined to create the best 10 minute documentary I could within such a small time frame. The pressure was on. Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks and all I did was work on my documentary. One week left until the due date, and I’m way ahead of the game. I am so excited to reveal my final product, and especially excited to see my mom’s reaction.

This documentary has been my escape, my positive and productive response to all the craziness.

The lesson I’ve learned ?

Life is beautiful chaos – a storm ready to knock you down, and destroy everything in its sight. Though, in the eye of the storm there is calm, a small place where you become untouchable. That is what you need to find.



Stay tuned for my next post, where I reveal my finished documentary!

About Layla.Katharina

I'm a self-starting storyteller with a passion for social advocacy and personal development. My goal is to engage and connect my readers through healthy discussion and sharing of ideas on various topics.
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2 Responses to In the Eye of The Storm

  1. AllieRo91 says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family during these tough times. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your mom is able to find some relief from her migraines. And I can’t wait to see the documentary! I’m sure you did great work.

  2. zk16 says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

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