With a Little Help From My Friends

“God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends” ~ Ethel Watts Mumford

This quote opens up one of my favorite movies, Mary and Max. Once you watch this film, you instantly start to think about your own friendships. Like most people, my friends play a very important part in my life. Considering the tension time and space can put on a relationship, it’s pretty special to still know even a single person you grew up with in a meaningful way. For this reason, I feel blessed that the best friends I have as an adult are the same exact ones I had when I was a kid. These friends helped me get through some of the most awkward adolescent years and are still here today to remind me of them.

Since November is the month specially dedicated for giving thanks, I wanted to use my first November blog post to share some of the special things about my friends I’m thankful for.

  1. Random Camping and Hiking Trips!

One of my favorite ways to unwind is getting outdoors. My friends are the perfect companions for camping and hiking trips that most people would pass on. We went camping last weekend in 30 degree weather!! It was windy, cold, and definitely awesome. Thankfully, no one got sick.

  1. Reminiscing on the 90’s and early 00’s

It’s always fun to look back on good times from middle school and high school together.  We pull out yearbooks to see ourselves as little 90’s kids sporting the fashion emblems of that era. It’s great to reflect on your past with people who knew you way back when…

  1. Being There For the Good and Not So Good Times

It’s great to share success and dreams as they come true with people who were there from the beginning. When things could be going better, it’s also great to have people I can trust and get sound advice from.

  1. The Shared Understanding that Time flies…

By your mid-twenties, the disillusionment of youth starts to fade. Attitudes shift and you start to value things that were once so easily taken for granted. As you realize how quickly time flies, it becomes more obvious how precious life is as well as the people you share it with. Although we are all busy with work and some of us with school, we make an effort to stay close and involved in each other’s lives.

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