Preparing for Summer Classes (Also congrats Class of 2020!)

Hello everyone! I want to first give a huge congratulations to the Class of 2020!! You guys have endured such a huge change this year and despite that, you all came out on top!! I am proud of all of you!! I wish you all good luck on your future endeavors and may this experience help you grow as people and members of society!! Remember, the USG community like the Career and Internship Services Center (CISC) will always have your backs no matter where you all are in life!! Go out there and thrive! 🙂

Now for us who still have to continue our education this year, we are aware that summer classes begin this week and many of us like myself have to get ready to take on this challenge. As summer I classes are mostly online just like this past spring semester, hopefully would have prepared us to face this challenge with ease. Of course we all are not from the same school as our campus hosts nine Maryland universities. Each university has a different way of handling these online classes which makes it difficult for me to give a point of view of this.

As I mentioned in my bio for this blog, I am a UMCP student; so my course would take place in their site which is the Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) Canvas. I’m sure those of you who don’t go to UMCP have a website similar to ELMS as your way to access your courses throughout the semester; this is the time to get familiar with that in case you have not already (which most of us have.) My main piece of advice for this time would be to always log in to the websites whenever you can.

I find this advice to be very important because I have taken an online course before at Montgomery College and there was a time where I did not check in and I missed an assignment due date which had me mortified! Since then, I would always check to see if assignments are posted or not. I would get on ELMS everyday to ensure that my assignments for the week have been posted or not; I would also make sure I complete these assignments in a timely manner so that I can focus on other things like house chores and free time so I don’t overexert myself on the course.

For those who are taking a summer course, I wish you all good luck(wish me luck too :D); if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment and I will see you all in the next post!

Image by Thomas-Suisse from Pixabay
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Welcome to My New Beginning!

Hello everyone! I want to welcome you all to my first blog! It feels so amazing to begin this new chapter of my life! Despite all that is going on, I hope that my blogs can bring some peace and comfort from everyday life. I know most of us might be dealing with a lot recently, especially college/university students with final exams. Trust me, I know the struggle; having to remember concepts from way early in the semester, trying to understand current concepts you can’t seem to grasp yet, and having to work on assignments on top of studying. I get kinda stressed thinking about it…but don’t worry, let me give you some advice on how to make these times a little less stressful.

  1. Review your notes: Always look back at your notes from your classes. Those will be a lifesaver, especially in your most difficult classes. I take notes for all of my classes just in case I need to look back at them later for an exam. I would take notes in a specific way; something called Cornell notes. These notes are designed to help you take down notes during class and once you’re out of class, you write down questions and prompts to help you better understand your lessons. This allows to review your notes multiple times instead of just looking at them the day before your exam. Here is a sample of what part of Cornell notes looks like;
Part of my notes for one of my difficult classes

2. Manage your time: This is something many people say to do. This does involve getting to know yourself some more; like how long does it take to write a page of a paper, which assignments need more attention, or what class do you struggle with more? I always try to pre plan my week to ensure I have time to other things like study for exams. Like I decided to spend this last week working on final papers and dedicated this past weekend to study for final exams I have this week.

3. Ask for help when needed: Just because you ask for help doesn’t mean you’re weak. Whether it be asking help from fellow peers or professors, do it. USG is such a close community, there is bond to be someone who understands your struggle and is willing to reach out and give advice to help you. Like the Center for Academic Success, they can help you with your academic needs like time management, writing review, and study strategies to name a couple of things. Here is a link to their page in the USG website.

Thank you all for reading my blog! Comment any questions or concerns you have! See you all in the next one! 🙂

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Preparing for Finals Week During COVID-19

How to Survive Finals Week - UVM Bored

Finals are just around corner and it can be stressful and daunting. But not to worry, I have some tips and recommendation to help with preparing for finals week. Before I delve into discussing some tips and recommendation, its first important to understand how everyone is transitioning from in person classes to online classes. This transition has not been easy for us or for the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) community. It has brought some challenges and ordeal to many of us as we try to navigate this as best as we know how. The circumstances of the COVID-19 has brought attention to how we function under technology and how to go about using online platforms for classes and meetings. Personally, this online transition has been indeed stressful and challenging but nonetheless, I have been resilient and positive. My transition from in person classes to online classes reminds me of taking an online class that I took last year on the history of Japan. It was my first time taking an online class and it was interesting to learn how to navigate blackboard and be held accountable for my assignments and tests. Having to say this, our online finals will not be easy and may not be difficult either. But I hope that my tips and recommendation will suffice and help to prepare for finals week.

Ten Tips to Help Prepare for Finals Week:

  1. Create a study guide
  2. Ask questions
  3. Attend the review session
  4. Have a study group session
  5. Take frequent breaks when studying
  6. Sleep early and stay well-rested
  7. Avoid Cramming or pulling an all-nighter
  8. Study smart-not hard
  9. Take care of your Mental Health
  10. Don’t stress and be kind to yourself

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Clear your head and enjoy Nature!

Hey everyone,

During quarantine besides taking online classes, I have been doing different activities to take my mind off from the stress around me. Here are some footages I captured at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park which is now one of my favorites places to visit and walk routinely.

Enjoy this vlog and comment down what your routines are that helps you through this pandemic.

Thank you

Peace and Love


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The Final Weeks

Close-Up Of Stethoscope With Globe Over Blue Background

I hope everyone is doing alright during this pandemic, with enough food and resources for the remaining duration of the lock down. This is an unprecedented time, and it is absolutely natural to feel anxious and unsure of how to proceed.

There are about three weeks until the end of classes, and then final exams, papers, and projects will be due. I want to emphasize that it is absolutely alright to feel overwhelmed, to feel stressed when it feels like there is so much to do in an uncertain time.

How has everyone’s transition to online courses been? I hope it is going well, even though it can be difficult to focus on classes on an online format without physically going to class. For me, it had been difficult to stay motivated at the same pace I had been in physical classes in the beginning of the transition, with how quickly and abruptly everything changed in our daily routine. But humans are strong at adapting, and I know you can do it.

It had helped me incredibly to write down all the assignments I had to do, with the due dates highlighted. Otherwise, I felt like I would lose track of assignments when the days blurred together. I found group projects were also a good opportunity to keep in touch with classmates, to bring back the classroom feeling that some of us may need during this time to stay focused. But our needs are all different, so finding what works for you to stay focused for the remaining three weeks of the semester is something you will be able to find. There are also your respective advisors to communicate with regarding the schedule ahead. I wish everyone the best of luck, but more importantly, I wish everyone good health during this time.

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How To Cope During COVID-19

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information | Hub For Employees ...

Now that our institutions are physically closed due to the national emergency of the corona-virus pandemic, now more than ever, college student are asked to adjust to new living situations. This situation for anyone is not ideal. What should one do while everything is closed? Our classes are now online which makes it stressful and difficult to deal with, especially for those who aren’t use to learning online. Professors, faculty, and staff as well, are not happy about this situation. This quarantine has left me feeling frustrated, stressed out and out of work. But there is support and help out there.

Here are some of what your fellow peers are doing during this time of quarantine:

Ebonie Gadson writes, “I am keeping busy through rediscovering interests and hobbies I once left or put on hold due to school and work being ver demanding. I started writing again on Medium and even so much more to time for reading and yoga! Although COVID-19 has been tough for me mentally and emotionally, I feel it has realigned me for the better.”

Lucia Proctor says, “I am dealing with a lot of uncertainty directly relating to my major because the school systems are shut down, with no end in sight, and my certification depends on a specific number of state-mandated hours of student teaching and classroom-related assessments. I am experiencing a jumble of emotions as the stress of my future career remaining in limbo directly conflicts with the blessing of being able to spend so much unexpected time with my 22-month-old at home, cooking, dancing, and cuddling. “

Despite the crisis, we are all in this together and I recommend these tips on how to cope during quarantine:

  1. Have Structure
  2. Sleep Well
  3. Prioritize Mental Health
  4. Set Boundaries
  5. Take Walks
  6. Stay Connected
  7. Eat Healthy
  8. Be Kind to Yourself
  9. Validate Your Experience
COVID-19 and Mental Health | - The Official Site of the NCAA

It is always great to hear from your fellow peers on what they are doing during this time of national emergency. We would love to hear from you on how you been coping with this transition. You can email me at

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How to create CDC approved mask at home

Hi everyone,

I hope all is good, here is a quick tip to make your own bandana mask at home.

Please share, like and comment if you find this video helpful.

Thank you.

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Maryland Stay at Home Order

At the time of this post, Maryland has 4,045 cases of COVID-19.

In the past 24 hours there was an increase of 436 cases. Each day the cases rise in number rapidly, and Governor Hogan has issued a Stay at Home Order that specifies “No Maryland resident should be leaving their home unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason, such as obtaining food or medicine, seeking urgent medical attention, or for other necessary purposes.

Regardless, the number of cases continues to rise across all age groups in every county in the state of Maryland. With the increase in cases comes an increase in deaths as well. Even if one is young, they are not immune to this virus. Nor are they safe from spreading the virus to others, especially people who are immuno-comprised and/or in an older age group. The latter is of special importance. The spread is the most deadly aspect, because even if one exhibits no symptoms, the spread continues.

Please remember to stay at home unless necessary as Governor Hogan has directed, for both your, and your loved ones’ safety and health.

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Together we can fight COVID-19

Hey everyone,

Here is a short informative video regarding COVID-19.

In this period of time we all need to take all the precautions, and cooperate with officials to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from Corona Virus.

Please be safe and stay positive during quarantine time.

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With classes on campus cancelled in Maryland, and across the country, it is crucial to remain updated on the status of Coronavirus cases, as well as how to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The CDC provides guidelines on how to protect yourself as the virus spreads. At the time of writing this, the United States has around 3,000 cases. As seen in countries such as China and Italy, the spread of the virus is rapid and the number can rise much faster than expected. Thus, it is better to be on the side of caution and follow the guidelines provided by the CDC, as follows:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water as well as utilizing hand sanitizer (that has at least 60% alcohol content).
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • If someone is sick, avoid close contact with them, as well as practicing social distancing.
  • If you are feeling sick, try to stay home if possible. But if you must go out, wear a face mask.

As classes are online now, it is also easy to lose focus, especially in times of anxiety. Please make sure to utilize the resources that are available to you, respective of your school, and take this time for yourself to rest. You have done amazing so far, and it is the time to breathe, and push through to the end of the semester.

But most importantly, please remember to utilize the CDC guidelines and stay healthy this spring.

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