Your Power in Communication

The Universities at Shady Grove is having a panel discussion and networking event in collaboration with the Undergraduate Communication Association, UMD Communication Department, and the Montgomery College Alumni Association. The panel is focused on ‘Your Power in Communication.’ The event will give students from Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove the opportunity meet and network with industry professionals and learn about the diverse opportunities in the field of communications.

The panel discussion is taking place on Wednesday, March 6th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Building III in Crockett Theatre located in room 3241. The networking event is taking place from 4:00pm- to 5:00pm.Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.28.56 PM.png

The event will be moderated by Carolina Galeano. She is a multicultural TV producer for MCTV at Montgomery College. MCTV is an award-winning, nationally recognized full service HD operation, providing a 24/7 cable channel and professional video production services for the Montgomery College community.


Among the presenters at the panel discussion is Doreen Thomas. She is a former student at the Universities at Shady Grove and Assistant Manager for the internship program at the T. Howard Foundation. The THF is to promote diversity in media and entertainment by increasing the number of diverse and underrepresented groups and underserved communities within the industry.The panelists also include Geneveive Leary, the Digital Communications Coordinator at the Madison House Autism Foundation. Their mission is to create awareness of the lifespan challenges autistic adults and their families face. They find, develop, promote the solutions that allow adults with autism to make choices, live as independently as possible, hold jobs, feel connected to their communities and become participating members of our society.The panelist, Steve Hull, is the Editor and Publisher of Bethesda Magazine.Bethesda Magazine is a bimonthly magazine distributed in Montgomery County, Maryland which began in 2004. It is named after the prosperous suburban area Bethesda, Maryland.James Hill will be speaking at the event. He is the Associate Director of Communication and Partnership at the Nonprofit VOTE.Sandy Almeida is an Email Marketing Specialist at 2U.Michael Hammerstrom is the Manager of Marketing and Engagement at CuriosityStream.

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Challenge to Spring Graduates…

Graduation…what a gas! It was the end to a fabulous two years at USG and a great beginning for all of us starting our nursing careers. There are lots of college graduation traditions including the hanging of scrub tops in the cafe and decorating mortarboards. A what? You know, those flat-topped hats worn during graduation. Apparently, they are called mortarboards because they resemble the tool used by bricklayers to hold mortar.

All I know is that our class overwhelmed me with their mortarboard creations for our graduation that took place on Friday, December 14. There was a lot of glitter, flowers, painting, glue-gunning, and fancy lettering going on during our Kaplan review sessions. The best way to tell you about them is to show you. And you thought nurses were just a bunch of science nerds…Enjoy!

So for the Spring 2019 Nursing graduates, see if you can top these!

Which one’s mine, you ask? All I can say is that Diana Prince would approve…


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Goal Setting and Motivation

Staying motivated and resisting the “itis” or senioritis (when your motivation and/or performance declines during your last year or semester) is hard. I experienced this during my senior year in

undergrad and I am trying my best to not fall into this state during my last semester in my current grad program. It is tough because you start to daydream about your graduation and start to slack a bit. How do you prevent this from happening? Interestingly enough, I took a motivation course last semester. I thought I would share some tips that I learned from class that I thought were useful especially during this time of the year.  

How to stay motivated?

  • Set your goal (in this case, you are trying to graduate with your degree)
  • Make a plan on how you can stay on track to graduation
    • Remind yourself why you are trying to graduate with your degree
      • Strategies to have visual reminders of your goals
        • Write out in big bold letter where you can see it on a daily basis
        • Write out positive message or your desired outcome on sticky notes and post them all over your residence where you know you will see often
    • Give yourself an incentive to finish projects and/or assignments
      • You need to make manage your time wisely especially if it is your last semester
      • If you are starting to fall through the cracks, talk to your instructor about strategies that you can implement or option to bring up your grades
      • If you need help with time management or writing, the Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides academic coaching (including time management and organization) and writing consultation. I would recommend setting an appointment with them to learn effective strategies for you with time management and/writing

For me, I remind myself that I want to do well in my classes as a sign that I have learned what my professors intended to teach me. My goals are to graduate knowing that I have learned what I could from the program and obtain a new job where I could utilize my accumulated knowledge. Overall, it is important to remind yourself of your goal(s) whether it is to obtain a job in your career field or to be a college graduate. Whatever it is that motivated to pursue your higher education in the first place, use it to avoid the pitfalls of the “istis”!

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Watch A Star is Born FREE

So this time the movie is A Star is Born (R)Watch the trailer here
It was released last year, and it details the life and struggle of an upcoming star. If you’re looking to relax, this will be a great segue into the weekend.
This is going to be awesome. Did I mention that there will be FREE FOOD? POPCORN, PIZZA, DRINKS. The last movie night, there was so much popcorn and pizza. Wow! Also, I wanted to mention this, Please don’t waste food. Remember, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” Besides that come and enjoy the movie with us!

See you March 08 at 5PM.

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Reading for pleasure!


Sounds like a dream for us readers! especially during the semester, when I am bombarded with loads of assignments, projects and text book reading. I love my Major, so I would not complain much about text book reading. Those readings help me catch up with a lot of class work. I am a full time mom, with being a full time student and I must admit! some days, my brain is all over the place. I am listening to my class professors and not really listening (I hope Prof. Bae and Bob are not reading this!). I miss the early 2000s, when phones were flippin’, my kids were small and I was not looking at some form of screen. I would just switch off t.v for few days. After taking care of my  babies and dealing with house work, I would curl up with something to read. I read a lot in those days, and it would keep my mind occupied. English is not my native language and I had only read it in text books in my home country. Now, I have to speak it, and understand it, and communicate in it. A new parent, a new country; so, my refuge were books. I chose to read more English books. They inspired me, kept me occupied, and they helped me to keep my dream of graduating one day with a degree. So, here I am! working hard on getting my degree, which was also making me not read books for pleasure at all. This, was driving me insane. Last year, my 9 year old daughter finished Harry Potter series, I could not feel more proud of myself. I finally was able to create a mini me in every sense. We would go to Germantown Library every Saturday, she gets a stack of books and spends a week or two reading those. I was seeing her curled up on the part of our L-shaped sofa set, which me and my husband had bought in our living room, and I had insisted to get that particular design so I would curl up and read, which by the way, had never happened! I would see her reading before going to bed, out side in the patio on a beautiful, perfect summer day, while I am looking at her also cleaning up the kitchen area. Last year, I couldn’t help but feel a little envious of my daughter and her habitual reading. I mean, The sole reason I helped her get to this point, where she is reading all these series of books was so I could read books with her and share the experience with her! When she would pick a book at the library I would be a little disappointed that I had not read that book! How would we discuss the main character, how would we have inside jokes related to the books? Instead I was  trying to finish house work, or school work and always running for something, just wishing I had some story of some book going in my head instead of endless lists of things to do. One evening, I  counted the years and realized, I had not read any book since last 5 years. Where did the time go? I promised my self that this has to end.

Last spring semester, I took business writing class from Prof. Holly Smith. She also is an editor and a book reviewer. During the semester she would bring several books to class, probably unedited copies and would lay out on the front desk and would say, “take ’em! take ’em all!” to all the students in class . So, I picked up 2 books one day, since I was trying to think about starting reading again, promising my self to take out at least few hours during the weekend and instead of Netflix-ing, I would hopefully read. Weeks passed, turned into months and the semester was about to finish. I was also gifted one more book, a memoir, which I received after I completed a leadership badge at USG and added it to my bedside collection of books. The stack that I would see everyday and dust every few days.

If you are one of my regular readers, you would know that during the last winter break I visited my home country. Going home always reminds you of who you are or once use to be. I came back and decided, that I need to change my current habits. The first thing, that had been at the back of my head, I had to start it. I picked up ‘Educated, the memoir’, the book I had received last year.

Much happier that this was the book I picked up, as a fresh start (or reading comeback) because it wasn’t on New York times best seller list for no reason! I finished it in a week, and than the semester started. So, here was the real challenge! How do I continue with this? I was driving most of the time, going to gym, running errands, going to school and where is the time to read again? I love listening to music while driving, but sometimes, the playlist would get stale and I would not be able to decided what to listen to. So, I decided that I should give a try to audio books.  I downloaded the app,and  download the first book as a free trial. I was watching former first lady Michelle Obama, touring and making appearances on various talk shows on t.v, since she had just released her book ‘Becoming’, which was turning into a best seller slowly. I had found my perfect book. I would happily admit, that this blog, I am writing is an attempt to pay homage to the  writing style, and these writers. Can you tell by my writing style?


Running and reading. Yes it is possible people! (Screen shot from author’s phone)

As for sharing books with my daughter, I think she can wait a little. She would have to grow a little older and I can tell her all about the books of the great writers, I am reading, which is inspiring me to write somethings of my own. I continue to hope someday, we share books, and fight  for the L-shaped sofa’s perfect book reading side, that is in our living room.

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Having a productive Spring Break

In 21 days, it will be Spring. Yes, Spring – the wonderful time of year when pollen and bugs fill the air.

In roughly the same amount of time, it will be Spring Break.

USG demands a lot of its students – and breaks can be a welcome respite from the day-in day-out studying. Although the temptation to fuse with your couch cushions and watch Netflix for nine days might be nearly all-consuming, please take my advice – take the break as an opportunity to get organized. We’re just about halfway through til summer – use at least some of the break to prepare for a strong finish.

If you don’t have a calendar (online or physical) make one. If your backpack is full of loose papers, put them in folders. If your car needs to get an oil change, get it taken care of. If you’re putting some logistical thing off in order to focus purely on school – take the opportunity you have away from school to get it done.

Summer is almost here – soon the cold bite of winter will melt away, and sunshine will take its place.

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Happy Hiking!

This Saturday, it was rainy, cold, and miserable. Driving around the DMV was an absolute nightmare. 24 hours later, it seems like nearly everyone is outside taking a walk, grabbing a bite to eat, or just being outside to be outside because suddenly, it was 70 degrees and sunny. This is typical Maryland weather.

Though a quick walk around the neighborhood or downtown is a great way to soak up the random sun, we are also within a relatively close distance to tons of great hiking spots that can be a great last-minute vacation on a sunny day. I’ve been waiting for the weather to be dry for longer than 24 hours so I’m not hiking in mud, but those days are coming before we know it!

In no terms am I an avid hiker. I am definitely a novice, with maybe 4-5 hikes per year, depending on the weather. However, these are my top two hikes for random sunny days:

Annapolis Rock: The elevation for this hike is pretty mild (around 800 feet), but it’s definitely a longer hike if you want to go the whole way. However, it’s a relatively easy one with little to no scrambling, but different trail types so that it’s still fun and interesting. Best of all, this one had an amazing view (pictured). Be sure to go early in the morning and be patient if there’s some fog! It’ll eventually clear up. While this hike is a bit further away from the area, it’s well worth it and one I’ve returned to several times.

Sugarloaf Mountain: Going towards one general mountain, there are multiple ways to get up and down from the amazing view. If you’re really feeling a challenge, try going the red trail on the way up or green trail on the way back. I have a coworker that hikes up there just to grade some papers. The top of the mountain has plenty of space to sit and relax! If you live near upcounty MoCo, the drive is very convenient.


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Expanding Your World


Hello! 안녕하세요!

When you walk through the streets full of excited crowds, do you hear the variety of languages spoken? Whenever I do, I get so curious and enamored with just how many languages there are in the world, decorated with their own dialects and ways of speech. Even if I were to dedicate my entire life, I wouldn’t be able to learn all the nuances of every language. It’s a never-ending journey that I can’t wait to dive right into!

What made me think of this more and more had been that USG offers Course Sharing where you can take courses from the other institutions on campus. I had been looking at the site to see what courses there are and from what institutions, to branch a little away from business courses. I definitely think it’s great to be able to expand your world through small steps like this even, taking new courses and meeting new people you might not have otherwise.

A few courses that are available this Spring 2019 had been –

  • COMM 398V – Translation and Interpretation (UMD)
  • EXSC 490 – Advanced Exercise Physiology (Salisbury)
  • HIST 468 – The Age of Enlightenment (UMBC)

There are many courses you can take in a variety of departments so check them out! They can be great as electives and a way to take a little break from your major courses.


For me, I had chosen accounting as my major. I enjoyed the courses and having an internship solidified my interest and enthusiasm! Outside of courses though I love history and learning about what events have crafted the world in which we live today, so I had been so excited to see that USG offers UMBC history courses for other students as well. I hope to be able to take one or two in my senior year to gain more knowledge, meet new people, and expand my world.

Good luck everyone!

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Abadá Capoeira DC at International Night

Last night, I participated in a special performance during International Night here at USG. Hosted by the Center for Student Engagement, the event brought out a diverse representation of our student body. The Universities at Shady Grove is the home to nine different higher education programs, and students with backgrounds from all across the world came together to participate.

Last semester, I wrote a detailed post explaining my background with training capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art including elements of dance, acrobatics and music. I have been an active member of Abada Capoeira DC for nearly four years now, and it was so exciting to share the stage with my teacher and friends. Our group has weekly classes in Rockville, Germantown, and Fairfax, and anyone is welcome to come and join us sometime!

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to share my love for capoeira with the community here at The Universities at Shady Grove. For the last part of my Exercise Science program through Salisbury University, I have been completing a physical therapy internship. It was nice to reconnect with some of my classmates in my program, and I was even able to recruit one of my friends into joining us on stage at the end of our performance!

Next up, our capoeira group has many exciting events on the horizon. Tomorrow, many members of our group will be meeting at the American Red Cross to donate blood. In March, Professora Yara and some of my fellow classmates in Abada Capoeira DC will travel to Mexico for the North American games, and we will also visit New York to support our the Batizado event for the Abada Capoeira Brooklyn group. For months now, many members of our group have been training hard to prepare for our own Batizado event, which will be held from May 2 – 5th, 2019. Finally, in August, our group is planning to travel together to Brazil for the Jogos Mundiais or Abada Capoeira World Games. Please visit our website at for more information about our mission, class schedule, and more.

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For those of you who follow up with my blogs – you know I’m a huge foodie! I sat here and thought about what I could talk about and the only thing that kept popping into my head were the restaurants I went to this past weekend. So, let’s talk brunch!

I absolutely love brunch. Everything about it is perfect. It’s not too early but not too late and you get the best of both worlds! There are your sweet dishes like French toast or pancakes; as well as your savory meals that don’t include eggs or bacon on your plate. It’s a meal that can satisfy whatever mood you’re in. I did some research [it wasn’t too hard since I have a slight obsession with trying new places] and found some spots near USG!

  1. First Watch – this one is a personal favorite! I love their inclusion of locally grown foods and fresh outsourced ones as well. I’d tell you what my favorite dish is, but I have way too many to choose from! They’re strictly a breakfast/brunch place because they close at 2:30 pm!
  2. MoCo’s Founding Farmers – I have yet to make an appearance here! But after a quick review over their menu and pictures of them…I will be sure to make it a point to go! Based off their reviews – the chicken and waffles look spectacular.
  3. Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar – this spot is to die for! I had the Brazilian Biscuits and Chorizo Gravy. The gravy was seasoned to perfection and the chorizo had a good amount of spice to them. Also, you can’t go wrong with bottomless mimosas!
  4. Crepes – A -Go- Go – this one is a bit more on the strictly “breakfast side” but there are savory crepes which makes it “brunchy”. You can build your own crepes, have a “mega” crepe, and there’s also gluten free options!
  5. Matchbox – uh oh, did someone say unlimited brunch? Sounds like a steal to me! They have a huge selection from breakfast pizzas to mini sandwiches. The idea is to share with everyone at the table. I don’t know about you, but I hear different plates to taste in one sitting.

Now I need to figure out what my next meal is because I just spent a good amount of time looking at all these yummy foods!

As always, thanks for reading and ‘til next time! 😊

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