The Musical Soundtrack You Should Listen To Based on Your Favorite Artist/Genre

Listen, musical theatre gets a bad rap – and honestly, it can be deserved. A lot of what is considered “classic” musical theatre is pretty outdated and unrelatable. But it’s 2022 and theatre isn’t dead! The genre of musical theatre has expanded to match the taste of today’s audiences, and every other music genre has made its way to stage at least once. Curious which musical soundtrack best matches your taste? Check out these recommendations below – and I promise, no jukebox musicals or overdone shows like Hamilton or Wicked.

If you like: Powerful Girl Pop (Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa)

Try: Six

Six is also a great pic if you love remixed historical content like Hamilton or Bridgerton. This high-energy pop musical brings together the six wives of England’s King Henry VIII, and imagines a world where they not only were all alive at the same time, but decided to form a band together! A little silly? Yes. But if you love powerful female voices and women supporting women, this is a short, fun soundtrack to get into.

If you like: Folk/Bluegrass (Hozier, Ray Lamontagne, Dodie)

Try: Hadestown

Another show that puts a classic spin on an old story, Hadestown provides folksy retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Persephone. The story follows the burgeoning love of a young musician and a hungry young girl, as well as the fading love of two old gods. The music originated from a concept album by folk artist Anaïs Mitchell, and has grown into a widely-renowned musical. Winner of the 2019 Tony Award for Best Musical, this is definitely one of my favorite shows of the last few years.

If you like: Indie-Pop (Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran)

Try: Waitress

Did you know Sara Bareilles wrote a musical?? The singer-songwriter known for hits like “Love Song” and “Brave” took her composing skills to Broadway and wrote the music for this show, based on the film of the same title. An upbeat score, a cast of loveable characters, and an unlikely love story makes this tony-nominated musical a really fun listening experience.

If you like: Rock/Alternative (Greta Van Fleet, Green Day, WILLOW)


Okay, this one is older than my other suggestions, but it is a true classic and still has extremely relevant themes. With the same composer as “tick, tick… BOOM!”, this heartfelt story about everyday people trying to find love and still afford to pay rent (relatable content) during the height of the AIDs pandemic. The soundtrack is very reminiscent of 90s grunge rock, and unlike the other musicals on this list, there is a fantastic movie adaptation with the majority of the original Broadway cast!

See, there’s something for everyone! It’s never a bad time to expand your musical horizons – happy listening!

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Failed Internship Applications

The amount of internships I have applied for and either been ignored or rejected is comical. I have felt like I am not worthy of those internships and that there is always someone better. Well though there may be someone who can be more qualified, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to make changes to get you accepted. You are worthy, and all you may need is assistance as I did.

An internship is an excellent opportunity to make connections and boost your resume, but if you have been rejected, don’t let it get to you. Just keep applying and soon you’ll find yourself in an even better position.

As a pre-med student, a clinical opportunity is critical and I have lost track of my failed applications.

But what have I done to make myself a better applicant?

  1. The first step is to never give up!
    • Though it’s obvious, it’s also easy to forget that there are so many other opportunities out there waiting for you, keep your head up and keep looking!
  2. If the application asks for a cover letter make sure it is strong and expresses your passions
    • I’ve realized how important it is to have an updated cover letter. While comparing my past cover letter with my current one, it is clearer why my application was simply brushed over.
    • If you need assistance we have a great resource at USG at the Career and Internship Services Center, where they offer cover letters and other career support!
  3. Prepare appropriately for any interviews
    • An interview may sound easy, but with the questions they may ask, it is easy to get tripped up, nervous, or seem unprepared which, is a great way to get disqualified though you made it that far.
    • The Career and Internship Services Center also offers mock interviews and techniques to help as well.
  4. Confidence
    • The places you apply love to hear from confident individuals and I learned (the hard way) that being as confident and calm as you can be, no matter how nervous you are, can take you farther than the rest.
    • If you earn an interview always be confident and prepare with possible interview questions.

(I asked for help through ACES and if you are an ACES student don’t forget we have our coaches!! If you are not an ACES student there are still so many resources at USG!)

So don’t be afraid to ask for help and figure out what your weaknesses are, because chances are, you are an excellent student who just needs the proper guidance and support to properly express your passions through your applications and interviews. 

I finally have what ill do during my gap year with the best internships someone could ask for, so what are you waiting for, and get on that path too!

Source: Cageideas
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Opinion: The Monday After Daylight Saving Time Starts Should be a National Holiday


Let me just start by saying this is a joke – kind of. I have been a longstanding member of the group that wants to eradicate daylight saving time entirely, but as the years go on it seems like that might never happen. So, if we as a country plan on keeping this antiquated tradition around, we should at least make it a national holiday, right? One could make the argument that since the time shift happens in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday, that we should be all good by Monday, but be honest with yourself: if you’re reading this on Monday, how well did you sleep last night? If you’re like me, you did not sleep very well. Our wake/sleep cycle as humans is very fragile, so I think it is owed to us to get an extra day off to recuperate if we can’t agree to do away with daylight saving time entirely. Here’s my argument:

First, just a few not-so-fun facts about DST:

  • The Monday after DST starts sees an increase in “cyberloafing”, or surfing the web during work hours.
  • Many negative health events increase, including cluster headaches, depressive symptoms, strokes, and even heart attacks!
  • Car accidents also significantly increase during the week after DST starts.

Sources: and

See?? It’s pretty clear that if DST is sticking around, we as a society need some extra time to adjust before returning to work. Plus, most US full-time workers don’t get a national holiday for 133 DAYS between MLK Jr Day and Memorial Day – that’s over 1/3 of the year (unless your organization observes Presidents Day, in which case it’s still 98 days). In an era where burnout is a regular struggle and our health is in constant jeopardy, I think it’s only fair that we get an extra day off.


If we were to allow DST to be a national holiday, there would be many potential benefits:

  • Having more time to regulate our sleep cycle would improve our physical and mental health.
  • DST typically coincides with spring break for public schools, so a national holiday would allow parents to stay at home with their kids without missing work or paying for childcare.
  • The long weekend would allow employees to return to work more refreshed and energized, allowing for a more productive workweek.

Once again, I believe the true solution is to catch up to states like Hawaii and Arizona and get rid of daylight saving time altogether. But, unfortunately it seems like this regular time change is sticking around, so if you’re like me and struggling to stay awake on Monday morning, here are a few survival tips from Johnson and Johnson:

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Medical Marvel

Source: AP News

A medical marvel passed away yesterday, March 9, 2022. David Bennet was a 57-year-old who suffered from terminal heart disease and was the first to receive a genetic pig heart transplant. This groundbreaking surgery took place in our very own University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) in Baltimore. He received this transplant on January 7, 2022, and survived for two months surpassing many expectations.

Mr. Bennet was a ​​patient at UMMC since October 2021, where he was bedridden and placed on a heart-lung bypass machine, called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), to remain alive. Due to the severity of his condition and less than optimal health, he was ineligible for a conventional human heart transplant. The team at UMMC suggested a very experimental procedure to receive a heart from a pig that had undergone gene-editing to remove sugar in its cells that are responsible for the hyper-fast organ rejection. Though it was a hit-or-miss situation, Bennet was ready to take that risk. Bennet knew that if he didn’t get the transplant, he would die and that if he did get the transplant, there was a chance he could still die. Therefore he decided to take the risk of this experimental procedure with unknown outcomes.

On December 31, 2022, the US Food and Drug Administration granted an emergency authorization for the surgery in the hope of saving his life. And on January 7, 2022, David Bennet underwent the transplant, the first of its kind. He was living a decent life in the hospital, receiving rehabilitation, physical therapy, and spending extra time with his family.

Though his condition began deteriorating several days before his death, all of the data received and the capacity the pig heart had in keeping Bennet alive will be used to further advance the genetically modified animal organ research. The long-term goal is to one day provide successful and useful organs to aid in the organ shortage and help those on the organ waiting list.

Though his death affected the family, his death was still noble and helped research enter uncharted medical territory.

To me, this is an amazing story, and though it leads to the death of David Bennet, his will to live and become the person to test this theory is astonishing. This transplant also means a lot to me, as a UMD student and a Maryland resident, to have Maryland and UMMC on the map as a place where groundbreaking research and surgeries are done. There is still so much research to be done and I hope it motivates us to become those researchers or doctors who cross those boundaries and save lives.

Source: Ux Planet
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The Slingshot

Photo by Gustavo Rangel on
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Spark of Spring

Amaryllis –

I have a flower in my office, or at least I did. When I brought it in back in February, I was so proud of it. The small buds it had just sprouted had just began to grow, just began to bloom, and its stem had to have been at least a foot long. That little flower hadn’t had the easiest growth; it had been knocked over and spilt on the floor too many times to count. But here it was blooming anyway, a spark of bright green and fluorescent red against the sterile white walls of my office.

People would come in daily and smile when they saw my little flower behind my desk. With winter still in full swing, I imagine my little flower was the first spark of spring warmth they had seen in a while. When my flower bloomed, people smiled and laughed, and applauded my skill for being able to have such a beautiful flower in February. And when that bloom began to wilt, like all flowers do, people would come in concerned for my little plant; “does it need water? What can I do to help?” Raising my flower had become a community event, one I was proud to bring about.

But now it is March, and it has been awhile since the blooms on my flower have faded and crumbled away. Now the strong stalk leaves it boasted are starting to brown and whither, and bugs have begun to gather. I know I need to cut away all that remains of my flower; that is what I was instructed to do once the blooms go away. “It will bloom again,” I am told. “Another month and you’ll see blooms again. You just need to rid the plant of its current cycle so it can begin anew.” This is something I need to do, for the plant’s health, but I can’t seem to put my shears to the task.

When my little flower entered the office, I was proud of it, but now I am attached. A whole community looks after it now. People take turns giving it water, giving me advice, helping me raise my little flower back to its blooming prime. Slowly the advice and the hope of others has begun to trickle away, but my little flower’s satin leaves still stand, and with them so does my hope. Maybe if I don’t cut it, it will still grow. Maybe if I wait it out, she will be okay. I don’t want to start over from scratch. Part of me feels like that is failure, and I worked too hard for that.

I tried to cut off some of the browning leaves, just to see what would happen, but they seem to mock me from the trash bin every time I enter my office. Sturdy and tall, they stand as green as ever among the rubbish. “Too soon” they echo. “Too soon,” I can hear my little flower plead. I hope they take the trash out today, before my guilt overruns me.

I need to take a break. I need a breather. I need some time to look at my little flower, truly look at my little flower, and let go of what I had. All that is left of her is the memories she created; the spark of spring in winter. And now that spring is almost here, I need to give space for new memories to grow. I can’t hold onto what was until all that is left is browning crisps, and I need to let go of my desire, my selfishness, so that my little flower can be what she was again.

She sits behind my desk now, the dirt in her pot still as fragrant as it was the day I brought her in. Her leaves still stand stark and tall, but where her blooms once were are a withered stalk, slumped and browning against the desktop. My scissors sit beside her, and I watch them from time to time, hoping they’ll do my task for me while my back is turned.

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Should You Go to Grad School?


Back in May 2020, the pandemic had only just started, I was between jobs, and not really sure what my future would be. From very early in my college career, I had been considering the option of going to graduate school, but I had no idea what kind of program to choose! Long story short, my network and my professional interests led me to the I/O Psychology master’s program at Shady Grove, and now I’m in my second-last semester reflecting on my experience. Think you might want to go to graduate school? It’s a huge decision, so I highly suggest running through the following questions to help with the decision-making process.

  1. What kind of job do you want to have?
    • This one might seem obvious, but so many people will jump into grad school after getting their bachelors without solid career goals in mind. Graduate programs are mentally and financially strenuous, so you need to figure out if your dream job actually requires one or not. I highly suggest conducting an informational interview with someone in your desired field, or someone currently in a graduate program that you’re interested in. Don’t go to school just for the sake of going – only go if your career goals require it.
  1. Can you afford it?
    • Like I said, graduate school is incredibly expensive. But, there are a lot of options for financial help other than student loans, including:
  1. Can you wait a year?
    • I took a “gap year” before applying for grad school, and I would encourage anyone considering graduate education to do the same. Gap years have been romanticized as an option only for wealthy soul-searchers that want to travel the world before they settle down, but actually gap years can be spent acquiring priceless professional experience that can help you clarify your career goals, build your savings, and establish a more secure lifestyle before jumping into more education and debt.
  1. Do you have a supportive network?
    • The financial and time strains of graduate school are well understood, but something you don’t really get until you start a program is how mentally and emotionally draining it can be. It takes a village to get a graduate degree, so you need to take an honest look at your community and your support network and think about what you might need from them during this process – it might even help to talk to people in your support network to see how much they are willing and able to support you. This is not a venture you should take on your own, so get comfortable leaning on others for help, because you’ll need it.

The choice to go to graduate school will have long-lasting effects on your career, your finances, and your overall well-being. Before you make this decision, make sure you’ve looked at it from every angle and discussed the decision with several trusted people – including your home school’s Career Center.

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Staying active


Staying active can be extremely difficult for many, and so is staying on top of assignments, internships, jobs, and personal life. Our schedules remain hectic as our days progress especially as we continue to pursue our educational goals.

I, as well as many others, find it difficult to stay motivated and initiate a healthy lifestyle.  But lately, I realized how low my mood and energy have been. I knew exactly why that was…pandemic weight:,) + my lack of exercise. 

It was time for me to make a change and perhaps many of you feel the same.

Lately, I have restarted my health journey, I have been going to the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) with a friend and taking advantage of the great equipment free to use for students. I used to go more often, but I’ll try and stay more consistent.

Need some motivation?

Here is why you and I should consider a healthier lifestyle and help you get on the right track:

  1. Exercise controls weight

– You can achieve your dream body or a healthier weight

  1. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

Become less likely to suffer from conditions such as stroke, depression, anxiety, and Diabetes type 2.

  1. Exercise improves mood

Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious.

  1. Exercise boosts energy

Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

  1. Exercise promotes better sleep

If you exercise your body will most likely rest easier at bedtime 

  1. Exercise can be fun … and social!

It might be difficult to get started but remember you don’t have to do it alone. Take a walk with your friends, enjoy nature, there are so many ways to have fun and stay active.

So let’s try and live a healthier lifestyle and try the CRC!

The CRC is great and they even offer group classes and personal training. Check it out!

I will be taking my advice too 😉

Source: USG
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Say it Loud!

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Winter To Do List: Pond Skimming

Pond Skimming by Joekline, 2013

With the threats of impending ice, salt-covered highways, and school delays growing ever more present in our hypothermic lives, spring seems more like misplaced hope than an actual change in seasons. Yet, for the skiers and snowboarders in our lives, this time of year is a blessing and a celebration, and nothing signifies this strange adoration for winter more than the yearly celebration of pond skimming. For those who don’t spend their lives careening down mountains at top speeds, pond skimming might seem like that thing people do in movies where they solemnly throw rocks at water and hope that they jump. This is similar… but a bit riskier. Pond skimming, in the winter sport world, is when a person, geared up in their boots, skis, and their craziest costume, hightails it down a mountain towards a man-made pond in hopes that they can “Pull a Jesus” and make it across the water without sinking. Of course, for on-lookers like me, the hope is that they fail in that effort. This tradition of waterskiing without the boat is usually a celebration of spring and a goodbye to the winter sport season. While participating seems like… a choice, the real fun is in watching the crazy antics of the winter lovers in action. Here are some of the best and driest places around Maryland to watch the annual dunking of the chionophiles,

Pond Skim at Liberty Mountain Resort – from Liberty

Tied for 3rd – Liberty Mountain Resort, Fairfield PA and Roundtop Mountain Resort, Lewisberry PA

If you are looking to just “dip your toes” into the pond skimming world, Liberty and Roundtop’s pond
skims on March 20th and 13th are definitely a good way to start.

Registration is free for the infamous skier submerge at Liberty, expected to begin midday on March 20th, and while it is free to watch, those participating are expected to have a lift ticket, be over the age of 18, sign a release, and dress in their finest goofiest ensemble. Costumes are definitely encouraged, and prizes will be awarded for the best, the silliest, and the wettest plunge.

Roundtop’s Costume Pond Skim’s registration usually runs midday on March 13th. For those participating in this dew drench, a costume is mandatory, as well as an age over 12. At midday, the costumes will usually be judged, and the best will win a prize. Right after, the events begin. Food, music, and ice-cold beer will also be served.

Both resorts are a quick drive, making this family friendly event the perfect spectator sport. The whole family can participate while you say on the deck, dry and warm and filled with glee while watching everyone else freeze. While it isn’t the crazy party that one might expect when watching one of the strangest traditions in winter sports history, it certainly will introduce you to the activity. It is also early enough in the season that if you want more crazy winter festivity, you certainly will have time.

Distance from Baltimore: 1.5 hours

Pond Skim at Bear Creek – From Bear Creek

2nd – Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Macungie P

At the very end of Bear Creek’s Spring Fling “Weekend” is our beloved pond skim. While the weekend itself, on March 12th and March 20th, features fun activities like card board box races and live music, what we are really interested in is the wonderous snowboarder shower, which begins registration at 9am on Sunday. To participate does require a lift ticket, but the joy of watching people purposely freeze themselves in mountain water is free. Starting at noon, the soaking begins. All who successfully clear the pond (boo) will have their names added to a hat, of which a single winner will be drawn from at the end of the festivities. This king of sludge will receive an unlimited 2022/2023 season pass to the mountain. While certainly an exciting time, filled with food, music, and splashing, this too is only dipping your toes into what pond skimming really could be.

Distance from Baltimore: 2.5 hours

Pond Skim – From VT Ski and Ride

1st – Bryce Mountain Resort, Basye, VA

While it is a bit of a distance from good ol’ Baltimore, this celebration of the season is
certainly well worth the drive. Bryce Mountain’s Winterfest begins at 8am with a pancake and waffle breakfast. The party then officially kicks off with a polar plunge, locher challenge, bootlegger, costume parade, and many other family fun games and live music. Finally, to top it all off, those of us who prefer to watch will receive the joyous chance to observe more than 100 costumed fitness people purposely ski into a lake around 2pm. There will be partying, music, and fun all day, so there’s plenty of reason to hang out at the resort till night. The largest downside with this option is the drive, but I might just argue that it is worth it to see the shocked faces of those who get dunked… and to get a pancake in the process.

Distance from Baltimore: 2.5 hours

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