One of Those Weeks

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Especially when it comes to school, challenges can arise out of the blue. For me, this week has been a real swing and a miss. Monday, I studied for a test but ended up doing poorly. Tuesday, my lab experiment results were unusable, and I had to dedicate a few more hours to redoing the lab. These results, too, were unpromising, so I had to come in on Wednesday to try and see if the “third times the charm” statement applied here. It did not.
The reason the results need to be good is because they are vital for my Thursday lab experiment. Thankfully, my professor made enough solution in his experiment for me to use for Thursday. But by relying on my professors results to carry on the experiment, I ultimately get a failing grade for this lab.
And so today, I find myself walking into the laboratory for the third consecutive day, uninspired and deflated. My fingers are crossed that all will go well this time around, but on the very likely chance that it doesn’t, I am looking forward to attending USG’s Social Night tonight to forget about it. Last semester, the majority of the social events on campus took place during my classes, which was a real bummer. These social events offer students an escape from their busy academic lives and the chance to relax and unwind. And this is exactly what I need right about now. There will be a whole bunch of fun stuff, like a scavenger hunt, dancing, games, and prizes. I’m hoping to win a cake in the cakewalk. At this point, it’s honestly the anticipation of tonight that is powering me through my day and my lab experiment. Wish me luck, as I’ll definitely be needing it.

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