Hello! Wow, you stopped by to read my bio, I feel important! My name is Sarah Owusu and this is my first semester at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). I am a student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology master’s program at UMBC and a new kid on campus — well, one of the many new kids on campus this semester, so feel free to say hello if you see me!

I completed my undergraduate degree at Mount Saint Mary’s University and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. I went there the last two years of my program after transferring from a community college, then the pandemic hit and I was sent right back home! During that time I did a lot of work with programs outside of my university. As an alumni with the National Speech and Debate Honor Society, I accompanied a group of my peers, from time to time, in judging Speech and Debate Competitions. I am an avid participator in my church choir and love to sing — I’ve basically been doing so my whole life! I’ve even had the opportunity to be on some albums and it’s been a wonderful experience! As a West-African girl with rich Ghanaian blood, my culture is in everything I do. It’s in the songs I sing, the food I eat, and the clothes I wear. My background gave me the chance to do some photo shoots with a West African small business owner last year and it was a great experience!

Some more about me — if I look familiar I may not be. I have a twin sister that went to UMBC for her undergraduate degree and we’re often mixed up. I’ve lived in Laurel my whole life and am still finding interesting things about it. I am a complete chatterbox so this blog is very appreciated and I’m excited for it!