Hi everyone, my name is Rachel! I’m studying Computer Science at UMBC and this is my second semester here at USG.

After I graduate next fall, I hope to stay in Maryland and become a software developer. I’ve lived in different parts of Maryland my whole life, but I’ve primarily lived in Montgomery County. This was a huge reason why I decided to attend the USG campus after earning my Associate’s Degree at Montgomery College back in 2021. I have a lot of hobbies, but a few of my favorites have to be reading fiction novels, listening to music, practicing calligraphy, and watching movies/TV. During my time as a student blogger, I plan to post about some of these hobbies that I find myself getting into outside of my schoolwork.

I love creative writing but I haven’t had too many opportunities or outlets to do it frequently. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with you all about movies, TV shows or books that I’m into at the moment! I’m definitely glad to be writing more during the school year, as this is not the type of writing I typically get to do in my program.

I’m super excited to start blogging this semester, but I’m also just as excited to read the posts from my fellow bloggers.