Hello everyone! My name is Nilu Wickramasinghe. I am in Towson University’s Elementary Education/Special Education program at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG).

My family is from Sri Lanka, but I was born in New York City. I only have one younger sister, who should’ve been my older sister. My family moved around a lot because of my mother’s job as a diplomat, but we moved back to the U.S in 2005 and currently live in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to become a teacher, and impart knowledge to the children who will find it useful for their own future. But the path to becoming one hasn’t been easy for me so far. After I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010, I had to be very cautious to ensure my seizures wouldn’t get worse (unfortunately, stress is a major trigger). But I didn’t stop dreaming! After graduating high school, I attended Montgomery College for seven years until I was able to transfer to my program at USG. And it is from here that I work to fulfill my dream in the way I’ve imagined it to be — along with some new experiences, too!

All my life I have loved reading, but I haven’t been much of a writer. So, blogging would actually have been the last thing I would’ve expected to do. But here I am — I decided to take the risk and step out of my comfort zone. In my blog posts, I plan to write about new experiences I’ve gained and how I’ve overcome my difficulties throughout this journey. My posts will also be from my unique perspective — a student who has a disability, who is struggling to make it through the real world, but doesn’t give up. My blog posts will be relatable to the many other students who are struggling in the same ways I do, and will help them realize they are not alone in this. And lastly, I plan to write about all the great memories I and many other students are making at USG.

I hope all of you enjoy reading my blog posts! As you read, hope you’ll be able to relate, enjoy, and be encouraged to make some new memories at USG yourself!