Hello everyone! My name is Aisha Sowe and I was born and raised in Maryland but spent time in The Gambia at a young age, which is where my mother and her family are from. I’m currently a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Communication on the USG campus, and previously transferred from Montgomery College where I received my associate’s degree in International Studies. My goal is to earn a bachelor’s in Communication, and after graduation, I hope to have a successful career in writing. Whether that is becoming a journalist, getting into media production, or even writing novels, I believe that my degree can help lead me towards this path.

As a student blogger for Around the Grove, I want to write blog posts that can help advocate for other students as well as myself. Since many students on campus are in their early 20s, I feel that I can write content that is relatable to other students — offering personal advice and life insights in order to educate and persuade my fellow classmates and peers. Coming from someone who is part of a few marginalized groups, I also want to be able to share how my identities have shaped my experience being a student, as well as my experiences outside of school. Outside of my life as a student, I’m also very interested in pop culture, reading books, watching TV shows and movies, listening to podcasts, and photography, so I’d love to share my thoughts and suggestions with you all on these topics as well!