To The Graduating Class

Source: Student Voice

​​I am a graduating senior, and I am both frightened and eager about what lies ahead. I’m sure many of us graduating seniors feel the same way. We’ll all follow different paths some, will continue their studies, while others may take a gap year or perhaps travel the world. Whatever we do, we must strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves and continue on our paths to self-discovery and achievement. All of our journeys have been different, some of us have taken longer to figure out what to do or have had to handle personal issues all while being college students. So many accomplishments within this graduating class, and it’s all worth celebrating. No victory is too small (especially not receiving a degree!).

Graduation is the cherry on top, especially after a difficult few years. I started my Junior year during the COVID-19 pandemic when everything was at a halt, and we were all virtual with no hope in sight. It was a scary time and we students were put up with the challenge of maintaining our grades and sanity in an unimaginable circumstance. We didn’t get to start our senior year enjoying or exploring the lovely campus at USG as much as the seniors before us and we had to deal with everything ourselves. But this final year, I made up for that lost time, and I’m sure most of us have grown to love this campus as much as I do. This year has been fantastic. I met incredible individuals and instructors, had a great time at events, and most importantly, I will be receiving my bachelor’s degree in science.

When I think about my accomplishments and the accomplishments of others, I realized how we all managed to strive through the unthinkable, and for that, I congratulate each and every one of you. No matter what degree or path you take, may you succeed and keep on fighting. I’ll miss USG and its beautiful campus, but it is time to move on to the next chapter of our lives.


P.S. Don’t forget to share your USG experiences with others because this campus is full of so many opportunities! Anyways, LET’S CELEBRATE!

Source: Logic Publisher
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1 Response to To The Graduating Class

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Astrid, well said, as always! We know you will accomplish great things in the future and are so grateful for all of your great blogging along the way of your USG journey. Wishing you and all 2022 graduates much happiness and success.

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