Spring To Do List: Garden Galivanting

Sherwood Gardens – From Sherwood Gardens

As the air begins to warm, and the last chills of snow drift away on the breeze, life begins to take hold of the little areas we find relax and respite in. It is time to wander the gardens again, picking flowers and breathing in the fresh air of new dew on the meadows. It has been so long since we have all made our way from our houses though that it is a struggle to remember where one might find the best views, the brightest flowers, and the happiest spring days. I made a list of my go to garden spots to celebrate this spring, and I thought I would share them! Here is a short go to guide for where to best see the flowers bloom:

Sherwood Gardens – From Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens Tulip Display and Tulip Dig

Sherwood Gardens will always hold a special spot in my heart, as it is where I spent nearly every finals week of my undergraduate degree. Sherwood is a lovely little space nestled into a neighborhood of homes in northern Baltimore, and every spring the gardeners go to work planting thousands of tulips for us to enjoy. Free to the public, this sleepy little garden is one of the best places to picnic and enjoy the flowers (and one of the best places to dog watch too). They recommend a trip in late April to early May to see the tulips in full bloom, of which there are 27 varieties to enjoy this year.

Take note though that the tulips at Sherwood Gardens do not last all that long, as on May 28th the annual Tulip dig will commence. For 30 cents a bulb, you can dig out your favorite tulips and take them home. All proceeds go toward the garden itself, so be rest assured your money will be helping more tulips grow for years to come. A wonderful was to save the beauty of spring for yourself!

You can find out more here!

Ladew Gardens – From Ladew Gardens

Ladew Gardens’ Garden Festival

Have you ever wanted to wander through the world of Alice in Wonderland? Ladew Gardens, filled with blushing hedge swans and bright red rose trees offers a chance to feel the wild wonder of Wonderland without leaving the state. Open Thursdays through Tuesdays till just before sunset, Ladew gardens is a sprawling 22 acres topiary haven. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon wandering, as every little hole offers something new and there are a million secret paths to explore. Entry is $15 for adults, though a student ID will knock $5 off that price.

If you’re looking to add a little bit more festivity to your spring adventures, the Laden Garden Festival is on May 7th this year. While exploring the topiaries and gardens of Ladew, this festival also allows you to get a little bit if shopping on so you can create some beautiful gardens of your own. Tickets start at $75 for the whole day of festivities and allow you access to over 30 unique vendors who want to help you make the garden of your dreams. Even better, all proceeds go towards helping Ladew host educational events for children all year long!

You can find out more here!

Soleado Lavender Farm – From Soleado Lavender Farm

Soleado Lavender Farm

Stepping outside your car, instantly the smell of soft lavender fills you with a sense of relaxation and ease. With the many lavender farms around Maryland, its a surprise that the smell of lavender doesn’t take over the whole state. Soleado Lavender Farm is only 20 minutes from the Shady Grove campus, and has 30 acres full of beautiful lavender plants and 1960s architecture to explore. While the farm itself doesn’t open till May 27th, once open, the farm boasts pick-your-own-lavender sessions as well as tours, crafts, festivals, and recipes. If you want to live out your Jane Austin dreams of frolicking in a field of lavender or reading by a small pond, this is the place to do it.

You can find out more here!

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