Bones Day

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What can determine if we have a good or bad day? Usually, it could be the weather, an exam, or any news received. 

But what if it could be determined by a dog’s ability to sit straight?

A new tik tok phenomenon called “Bones Day” is taking everyone by storm. But what does this mean and what are bones? 

Let me begin by explaining how this all came to be.

TikTok influencer @Jongraz , before fame, started one of his videos trying to prop up his old pug, Noodle,  that usually enjoys laying around. He stated that Noodle’s ability to sit up would determine whether or not his day will be a good day. As he tries his best to sit up Noodle, he’ll either watch him sit straight for a good day, a bones day, or flop over for a bad day, a no bones day.

He began doing this every day and filming a TikTok while doing it. Suddenly this ‘morning routine’ went viral, having everyone talking about whether or not the day was a bones day, and how this will determine the day’s fate.

There are four ways the day can go:

  1. If you agree with the bones day and also have a great day, then take advantage of the good sign and seize the day.
  1. If it’s a bones day and you don’t feel so good, stay positive and take advantage of those bones to find strength and push through the day.
  1. If it’s a no bones day and you feel like it’s a good day, then FORGET THE BONES and do you!
  1. And lastly, if it’s a no bones day and you agree, then take your time that day and rest, it’s okay to have bad days, take it as a self-care day and be nice to yourself.

Of course, a random pug on tik tok won’t be the reason you have the best day of your life but it is fun to think about.

This Elderly Pug Has Captured TikTok's Heart With His Daily Bones  Horoscope! - HCA Barbieri News
Source: HCA News
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