Controlling What You Can

Feeling like things are out of control right now? Here are a few safe and inexpensive things you CAN control to make yourself feel like you’re on top of your stuff.

My current hair color dream – from

Dye Your Hair

If you decide to do this at home, always do your research and follow safety instructions! If you do it right and do it safely, at-home hair bleaching and dying can literally feel like a fresh coat of paint and give you some newfound confidence. If you have the money, paying a professional is always the best option to make sure you look your best and don’t ruin your hair.

Rearrange Your Living Space

Even if you don’t have Ikea cash to spend, you can still make your bedroom, living room, office, etc. feel like a brand new space just by moving things around. Do you think you can focus better if your desk faces towards or away from the window? If you want some inspiration for how to optimize your space, you could look into the practice of Feng Shui.

Start a Planner

The most disorganized life on the planet can still look good in a well-organized planner! And there’s not just one way to do it: there are bullet journals, daily/weekly/monthly planners, “brain dump” planners, goal planners, and so many other varieties! It doesn’t even require using a bunch of paper – there are plenty of great digital planners out there that can help you sort your stuff while saving trrees!

Organize Your Closet & Drawers

This is a very little change that can make a big difference when you’re outfit planning (or rushing to throw something together before class or work like me). There’s a lot of different ways to organize your clothes, so you can figure out a method that works best for you! Personally, I organize all my shirts by sleeve length, and all my pants and dresses by total length. This can also work with organizing your bookshelf in a new way!

Create a Weekly/Monthly Budget

One of the best ways to feel in control of your life is to keep your financials in order. There are plenty of apps (and planners!) that can help you set and keep a budget, but a simple spreadsheet can work just as well. Keep track of what categories you spend the most money on (food, clothes, technology, etc.) and compare it to the amount of money you make in a week or month so you can see how much you are adding to your savings. Here’s a video from the Federal Trade Commission for how to manage a budget:

Feeling a bit more in control of things? Hopefully these simple activities can provide the confidence to tackle more overwhelming tasks, and as always if you are struggling to stay in control, USG’s Center for Counseling and Consultation is here to help. Good luck everyone!

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