It’s Streaming Time

Image by raphaelsilva from Pixabay

COVID has put a stop or limited a lot of activities we were used to doing. For others, it was their moment to shine; I’m talking about streamers. Streamers have been thriving even before COVID and many of them tend to show themselves play video games live and talk with their audience. I want to share a couple of streamer’s stories and give insight on what being a streamer is like.

I have the pleasure of knowing a couple of streamers myself; MastaSwampking aka Malachi (M) and DeadSoviet935 aka Nikolai(D) have been streaming on Twitch for about a year or so and have some thoughts of what streaming means and has been like for them. So here are their thoughts on streaming.

So what is your definition of streaming?

M: I say streaming is to captivate, entertain, and/or interact with an audience while doing the things you enjoy doing in your everyday life. In a relatively broad sense, it’s to put on an interactive show featuring your passions and hobbies.

D: My definition of streaming would have to be sharing your experiences may it be a video game or a podcast.

What made you start streaming on Twitch?

M: Since around freshman year of high school, I’ve pondered taking to Twitch as I’ve often watched other streamers do it and love it. For the longest time, I’ve had that idea on the back burner thinking I wouldn’t ever get around to it. But over time, I met some really cool streamers and they encouraged me to give it a whirl. The rest is pretty much history!

D: I wanted to start on twitch because of MastaSwampking’s channel; but my main reason is to try and entertain people.

What do you love the most about streaming?

M: Plain and simple, I think the whole concept of entertaining and engaging with others across the globe while doing something you love is the most fun and rewarding part of streaming. I’ve met and befriended so many people who share my interests, hobbies, quirks, etc that I wouldn’t have otherwise; I’ve also been told by some that my streams have helped them a lot through their troubles which is something I never expected to hear. All of that is an incredibly amazing and gratifying feeling.

D: I love the entertainment value and the interaction it can bring you.

What’s some advice you have for anyone who wants to start streaming?

M: Be yourself, and do it for the right reasons. Do it because you find it fun, and/or because you feel you have something great to share with the world. All the right things will fall into place from there.

D: Some advice who wants to start up is that there is no right way to do anything and just to have fun. The followers will come in time and that nothing grows over night, unless it’s a growth spurt. <—(I see what you did there :D)

Making a Twitch account is free and easy and many people are there playing video games. USG has a B.S in Simulation and Game Design and who knows maybe a Twitch streamer will play your game to their audience. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, let me know and I’ll get back to you on it! Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll see you in the next one! If you’re interested in viewing MastaSwampking and DeadSoviet935’s Twitch channels, the link is down below, their content is 18+ however, so if you’re 17 or younger this may not be for you.



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