Spring (Semester) Cleaning Time

Welcome, one and all, to Spring semester 2021! For some, it’s time for a new chapter at a new school. For others, it’s time to look ahead to their next steps. However, for all of us, it’s time for a fresh start. And what better way to begin 2021 than by cleaning out your closet? It sounds like a chore (because it is), but cleaning is beneficial for your mental health. Organizing your closet is a healthy practice for avoiding “should” thinking. (Such as, “I should keep this because I don’t like shopping.”) Plus, it feels much more relaxing to be in an organized space than a cluttered one, even if you’re only in there long enough to grab your favorite pair of jeans. So, here are my tips for spring cleaning in January.

My closet, with clothes organized by type and much more space in here than there used to be.
My closet, now with clothes and accessories organized by type. Two weeks ago, I couldn’t even step foot in here without having to move something!

Plan your time wisely.

If you’re like me, it could take one or two days to get through everything, so make sure to carve out enough time and stay focused. I promise you it’s worth it.

Utilize all of your space, including furniture.

Make the bed, then pull all of your stuff out and organize it into categories. Maybe you stack your t-shirts near your pillow, then dresses (if you wear those) near the foot of the bed, etcetera. This way, you can see what’s ahead of you and tackle the “Keep or Not Keep” debate in chunks.

If you aren’t sure whether to keep something, don’t.

I don’t mean this in the “I can’t remember the last time I went out in this” way because that’s partly #quarantinevibes. I mean, if you aren’t sure whether you feel good wearing something, then you probably aren’t going to wear it in the future. Save that space for something you need (like a go-to job interview outfit) or something you love and will use.

Organize the clothes you keep into outfits.

No muss, no fuss, no last-minute realizations that you had the perfect tie to wear to work, but it clashes with your shoes, and you’re running late. While you’ve got organization on the brain, save Future You the hassle and coordinate outfits now. I had the idea to label my hangers with little cards that say things like, “Work outfit. Summer. Pair with a white skirt.” Alternatively, just hang the elements of your outfits next to each other.

Donate or sell your clothes afterward.

If you’re looking to donate what you give up, check out Charity Navigator and find an organization you feel you can trust. If you’re short on money, try selling your things on sites like eBay or thredUP. You can also find secondhand stores that give cash for clothes, but these places only buy what they can sell, so check their websites to see what they want.

A large pile of stuff to donate. On top of the bags sits a play conveniently titled You Can't Take it With You.
All the stuff I decided to donate, including 2 boxes of assorted objects and 3 garbage bags worth of clothes. On top of the bags sits a play conveniently titled You Can’t Take it With You.

That’s all I have! Best of luck, and may the year 2021 be a bit kinder to you all.

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