Grad School Prep

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As a senior at USG, I’ve been figuring out what I want to do once I leave. Before I know it, the spring semester has started, graduation time is just around the corner, and soon I won’t be an undergraduate anymore. Some of us may go into the workforce, others may go to grad school, or some may not know what they want to do afterwards. Ultimately, I decided that I’ll go to grad school once my time at USG is up. This process is similar to how you’d apply to your home institution for the first time as an undergraduate. There is a bit of a timeline you should follow if you want to be able to be considered for the institution of your choice. So here’s a rough timeline to ensure you turn in your grad school application on time. This process should start roughly a year before going into grad school.

Summer: I know that summer is when you want to relax but you should begin looking into what grad schools you’d want to attend. Once you find the ones you want to attend, look up the mandatory materials you need for your application(i.e resume, transcripts, GRE) This is also a good time to write a personal statement; this should highlight your skills, experiences, and what you can offer the school you want to attend.

Sept-Oct: This would be the time to ask 2-3 of your professors or supervisors to write you a letter of recommendation for grad school; be sure they’re people who know you well and can attest to your abilities in the field. You should also be taking the tests like the GRE if your grad school requires it and request your transcripts from previous institutions. Be sure to be making edits to your personal statement or resume.

Nov-Dec: Now this is where you need to start wrapping things up. Make sure you completed every single part of your application and pay the fee towards the end. Most priority deadlines fall within these months so make sure you know when the deadlines are.

Jan-Apr or May: Here is where most final deadlines occur. This time is also where you’ll hear the decisions from the institutions you’ve applied. Pick which grad school fits you best and continue the admissions process with them.

If you want to stay at USG after completing your Bachelor’s degree, check out USG’s graduate programs and see if your major has a Master’s program here.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please let me know! I’ll see you all in the next blog and remember to vote while you still can!!!

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