Midterm Blues

Once again we have made it to the halfway point of another semester. I am honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed with the assignments around this time; papers and presentations due around the same time, assignments being pushed on us, and the exams as the cherry on top. Most of us dread this time of the academic year since it feels as if everything is coming at you with an immense force and we get very little time to prepare for it. My stress levels are through the roof during this time so I get a bit panicky over how I’m going to get these assignments done for exams begin. I have been doing somethings to calm myself after completing some assignments.

Playing some video games: Something I enjoy doing is playing some video games to ease my mind during this intense time. I recently picked up on the trending game ‘Among Us’. My friends and I decided that we would try the game to see what the hype was about and sure enough, we were sold. This game made me forget that I was even stressed in the first place; except now you’re stressing about completing tasks and not dying as a crew mate or sabotaging and wiping out the crew mates as the imposter. I used my phone for this game as this game can only be played through Windows and I use a MacBook Pro but the game is still fun through the phone like on a PC.

This is one of the styles I picked for my character at one point. Felt cheesy that day! XD

Continuing my time management: I have made a schedule based on the classes I’m taking and the importance of the assignments in the classes. I do this to ensure that I get everything done and on time so I can spend my day resting and preparing for the next assignments. Sometimes assignments get pushed back a couple of weeks which makes it feel as if my schedule got disrupted; but I figure out how to make the best of it and still get assignments in on time. For any of you needing help with time management, go check out the Macklin Center for Academic Success (CAS); they have virtual hours and can assist you with many academic related issues.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on what I should blog about next let me know and I’ll answer back as quickly as possible and take your words into consideration! Thank you for reading and I will see you all in the next blog!!

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1 Response to Midterm Blues

  1. Laura DeMarco says:

    I’ve played exactly two rounds of Among Us in my entire life. (Well, one and a half. In my first game, I died immediately.) But you’re absolutely right! It’s fun!

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