Mid Summer Plans

Well folks, summer has truly begun; the weather has gotten hotter, humidity follows suit, and cold drinks are needed. Some people may even want a nice cold ice cream or milkshake to cool them off from the sun’s rays which really sounds good at the moment(kinda craving a milkshake myself right now :D) which makes sense with how hot it’s gotten.This season would usually be when people would go out to beaches, parks, trails, etc; but we still should practice social distancing and continue wearing our masks; I get that it can be a bit uncomfortable to wear a mask during this season but it will be very helpful in the long run.

So what plans do I have in mind? Well I plan on staying home for the most part due to the pandemic. I also wanted to catch up on a book I’ve been wanting to read called “Saintsville” by Brittani Louise Taylor; I’ll make a review on it the next time I post. I have been waiting for this book since March of this year and it arrived in the mail last Friday. It’s release date was July 7th so I plan on reading it and relaxing while doing so. So be on the look out for the book review because I plan on making one! 🙂

This time of year is actually pretty special to me because it’s when my birthday takes place. Yes I know, I was born during the mid summer heat which can be annoying to most but I’ve somewhat gotten used to it. My birthday is about a week from when this post becomes public and I do plan on celebrating it safely. In case you were wondering, I will be turning 21 this year. For those who aren’t in the US, turning 21 is a huge deal for most people since it means that they can legally drink alcoholic beverages and smoke as well; the last part about smoking used to be 18 but it changed sometime this year to 21 as well.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I’m guessing some will think that I’ll go and get my first alcoholic drink when my birthday arrives, well that’s where you’d be wrong. I actually don’t like drinking or doing drugs; it never appealed to me so I don’t intend to drink once I turn 21 or even after that. All I’d want for my birthday is spend time with those who care about me and at least have either a cake or a cupcake(both sound nice). USG wouldn’t be a place for anyone to drink or do drugs as it is a drug free campus and they do take that rule seriously.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, let me know and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. Happy early birthday to me and I will see you all in the next post!

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