Summer Break during Covid-19

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Spring semester is finally over and now we have summer to think about and plan for. Some of you maybe taking summer classes, while most of you are thinking about relaxing and planning activities to do during Covid-19. It has been very difficult indeed, to deal with everything closing; our malls, our movie theaters, heck our own sit in restaurants. Nothing seems to be open and nothing to do. My plans for summer seemed to go mundane as they say. Sleep, eat, watch TV and repeat. I am not taking any summer classes either but I am planning to apply for graduate school to UMBC Masters Program in History, to the Fulbright Application and hunt for internships and a job. But nothing seems to be fun with everything closed. So what can one do during summer break while waiting for fall semester to start and open up slowly?

Here are some suggestions to what people are saying you can do during Summer Covid-19. According to, Julia Campana lists ten out of twenty-five things to do during quarantine:

  1. Read A Book
  2. Learn to Cook/Bake
  3. Have A Self-Care Night
  4. Go For A Walk/Bike
  5. Draw/Paint
  6. Journal
  7. TIE DYE
  8. Start that Blog or YouTube Channel You Want
  9. Clean/Organize Laptop Files
  10. Write a Letter to Your Loved Ones

And remember, it doesn’t have to be boring and mundane like mine. We can all try to make the best of it and keep ourselves active and positive. It is also okay to do nothing and just relax. We all need a break and sleep sometimes. But if you are working at a job, taking classes, or relaxing, always remember to stay positive and hopeful. This too shall pass. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or would like to let us know how you are doing during the pandemic, please write to me @mimi2491

About mimi2491

I am a first-generation Immigrant from Pakistan and I am a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am currently taking classes at the Universities of Shady Grove. My major is History with a minor in Public History. I am passionate about the history field and I particularly focus on history through Global or World History perspective. After obtaining my bachelors, I will be applying for a Masters program in History. My career goal is to either teach history or work in a Museum, where I can use my knowledge of history to better my community.
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