Preparing for Finals Week During COVID-19

How to Survive Finals Week - UVM Bored

Finals are just around corner and it can be stressful and daunting. But not to worry, I have some tips and recommendation to help with preparing for finals week. Before I delve into discussing some tips and recommendation, its first important to understand how everyone is transitioning from in person classes to online classes. This transition has not been easy for us or for the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) community. It has brought some challenges and ordeal to many of us as we try to navigate this as best as we know how. The circumstances of the COVID-19 has brought attention to how we function under technology and how to go about using online platforms for classes and meetings. Personally, this online transition has been indeed stressful and challenging but nonetheless, I have been resilient and positive. My transition from in person classes to online classes reminds me of taking an online class that I took last year on the history of Japan. It was my first time taking an online class and it was interesting to learn how to navigate blackboard and be held accountable for my assignments and tests. Having to say this, our online finals will not be easy and may not be difficult either. But I hope that my tips and recommendation will suffice and help to prepare for finals week.

Ten Tips to Help Prepare for Finals Week:

  1. Create a study guide
  2. Ask questions
  3. Attend the review session
  4. Have a study group session
  5. Take frequent breaks when studying
  6. Sleep early and stay well-rested
  7. Avoid Cramming or pulling an all-nighter
  8. Study smart-not hard
  9. Take care of your Mental Health
  10. Don’t stress and be kind to yourself

About mimi2491

I am a first-generation Immigrant from Pakistan and I am a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am currently taking classes at the Universities of Shady Grove. My major is History with a minor in Public History. I am passionate about the history field and I particularly focus on history through Global or World History perspective. After obtaining my bachelors, I will be applying for a Masters program in History. My career goal is to either teach history or work in a Museum, where I can use my knowledge of history to better my community.
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