USG Advocacy Day and What to Look Forward to this Week…..

Here’s to the beginning of a new semester and a new year. It has only been two months since we started our Spring 2020 semester and I am already excited and motivated to get a fresh start. I hope you are too! As a student and leader at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), I have come to realize how I blessed I am to participate in so many wonderful opportunities at our campus. To top it all off, its all free and paid by your tuition! For example, just recently, USG students and Student Council Members were able to attend Advocacy Day at the state capital, Annapolis. There, students introduced themselves to state delegates, senators, and other legislator members. The trip was to advocate for USG and to hear personal testimonies from students who attend USG and why they choose to get their degrees at USG. For example, we wanted the state delegates to know how it is successfully turning out students with the degrees and skills needed for career success. I felt honored to have met my local and state delegates and to have them hear my story as a first generation college student who choose to get her degree with UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove Campus. I highly recommend attending this event next year as it is open to leaders and student council members every February. It is organized by our own wonderful USG staff members, Steve Simon, Iris Schauerman, and Shelby Speer.

On the side note, there are some events happening on our very own campus for this upcoming week that I would highly recommend attending. One is the International Night. It is on Thursday, 02/20 from 5-8pm in II-MPR. It is one of the most anticipated and fun events at USG! They will have Polynesian dancers, bagpipes playing, Samba, tons of delicious food and amazing student performances and fashion show! I have gone last year and it was so much fun. All of this is free so why not bring your family and friends and enjoy a nice evening!

About mimi2491

I am a first-generation Immigrant from Pakistan and I am a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am currently taking classes at the Universities of Shady Grove. My major is History with a minor in Public History. I am passionate about the history field and I particularly focus on history through Global or World History perspective. After obtaining my bachelors, I will be applying for a Masters program in History. My career goal is to either teach history or work in a Museum, where I can use my knowledge of history to better my community.
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