How was your winter?

I hope you enjoyed your winter break! I enjoyed mine. At least I think I did.

Remember this?….My winter goals
Here is my to do list for this winter break.
Study from 9AM-8PM every Wednesday to Saturday for the MCAT
Shadow a physician

Have fun
Watch television (Catch up on The Good Doctor, GoT, etc)

Well, I am happy to tell you that I completed 4 out of 5 of them (Yes that’s right! I got something done over the winter.). I did not have time to have fun, but I completed the most important ones of all which were the other four. Besides, I hope to have a lot more time in the future where I can have unlimited fun.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the snow that fell 2 weeks ago. I certainly did not. I shoveled the snow around my car around Sunday morning. Then guess what, it snowed again! And I had to shovel again! Not only that, I shoveled 3 parking spots full of snow for me and my 2 sisters (my back was hurting). Then guess what? My neighbor had the audacity to park in the parking spot I had shoveled! I was upset (angry really, I had to shovel another parking spot), but I let it go (sorta).

Anyway…how was your winter?

Psssst… if you haven’t already outlined your goals for this semester, please do it. It can keep you on track. If you want you can come for 24-Hour time schedule from CAS located in the SAS suite. See ya!

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