The First Step


Hello everyone, and welcome back to USG! It’s the first day of the spring semester, and first days are always a chance to start anew. It’s a time where you can branch away from old habits, change your studying patterns and learn from your experiences last semester. New classes, new people to meet, and new experiences await you, and though it can be frightening, I hope you are looking forward to it.

Fall 2018 had been my first semester at USG, and it was amazing how quickly the campus can make you feel at ease. I had been incredibly nervous, wondering if I could really succeed transferring into my junior year with all these courses, but USG had been so welcoming to students, and for that I am forever grateful.

Because of my experiences last semester, I was able to learn more about what studying habits worked for me, and what didn’t. During the first few weeks of the fall semester, I tried to write a ridiculous amount of notes, notebooks full of writing I couldn’t make sense of later. But as the semester went on, I found highlighting the textbook and annotating worked best for me, a studying method I plan to utilize this time around. But even if you didn’t find a method that works for you just yet, don’t worry! It’s a constant learning process that shifts and grows with us, and the spring semester can be a great time to ease yourself into a method that will lead you to success.

Even if worries are plaguing you during this time, don’t forget USG is supporting you. The campus provides many places to study and relax for as long as you need, such as the Priddy Library with study rooms you can reserve, as well as the Center for Counseling and Consultation, free and all information confidential. I’ve spent so many hours in the Priddy Library studying and the environment is wonderful. You may see a classmate walking by, you can work together in groups to tackle difficult problems. Overall, USG is here for you, no matter your needs, and the first day is the best day to start exploring! 

Best of luck to everyone this spring semester!

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