Watch Crazy Rich Asians Free!

Yes, you read the title right. Crazy Rich Asians will be shown here at USG, FREEEEEEEE on December 14, 2018!

If you are not rich like me, but enjoy watching rich people do their thing (and secretly judge them), then this is your movie.

Guess what, it is easy to register, you can register your whole family even (btw I registered my sister). You can register here. Seating is limited so register now!

The movie starts at 5PM and will end at 7PM, so make sure to come early if you want a good seat. My sister and I will be here at 4PM to get VIP seats (it’s just seats in the back. lol. Nothing fancy).

Did I mention that they will be giving out FREE popcorn, FREE pizza and other food items?!. This is a real win win. Watch a new movie free, and eat for free too. Say no more, I’m down!

I am seriously freaking out! My sister and I wanted to go watch it, but we could not because of scheduling issues, but now that it is here, at USG and we both happen to be free, we are coming to watch it!

As someone who has a final exam on December 14th, 8AM-10AM (ugh), this will be a great way to relieve some stress. I cannot wait for next Friday.

So, are you coming?


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