Opening Statments?

Hello everyone!

I know we have all watched law shows like law and order and other various ones. Can you all recollect the part in the beginning of the trial the prosecution side begins to talk about his client their side and the same with the defenses side. In my Law Advocacy class we learned a lot about the thought process that goes into a trial. I am here to breakdown the process that goes into creating and delivering a great opening statement. Opening statements! There’s a lot that goes into an opening statement for a trial. First thing is that an opening statement is a road map of what the case is about,what the evidence will prove, and what you will ask the jury to do. The opening statement is not the time you want to make an argument, but to tell the jury about your case and what you believe the evidence will show. You don’t want to promise something you can’t deliver therefore only talk about evidence that is known and not over promising whatever you’ve stated.  Stating that “You will hear from her mouth she did this and that” only for them not say a word. This can put a huge dent in you and the jury can hold it against you. You want to tell the story. You would want to paint a vivid picture for the jury. Give them three points to focus on, timeline, or visual and demonstrative evidence depending on your jurisdiction. The idea is wanting to get the juries full attention and having them see and get a feel for what you are presenting. Next introduce the Charge. If it’s a complex charge address the charge add-on or weave it into the facts. The jury needs to know why they are hearing about this charge. You have to establish credibility with the jury. How you want to establish credibility with the jury is by being genuine. Make sure they can trust what you say. Do not say something you’re not going to prove.Bring out the negatives in your case first. By doing so this can pull the jury closer to you then when finding out whatever it is through the other parties mouth. This makes it seem like you have nothing to hide. Be accurate and measured, confidence without cockiness, implicit vouching (not putting yourself in it). Lastly the most important thing is practice! Practice makes things perfect in all things! Practice your opening statement any way you can. Practice to a random person or family member and have them see if it a great as you think it is. Boom! Now you are ready to be just like the lawyer you see on TV!!

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