Film, Diversity and Culture


The Universities at Shady Grove are holding an event hosted by the Diversity and Culture Committee to promote attention and discussion about a film named “Skin Deep.” The film follows a group of diverse college students from the University of Massachusetts, Texas A&M, Chico State and U.C. Berkley as they participate in a challenging racial awareness workshop. On this workshop forum, they confront each other’s personal mindsets and opinions about ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity. The film serves to shine a spotlight on the surprisingly illuminating and real experience as the students uncomfortably but honestly confront each other’s racial prejudices.

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Frances Reid’s film brings attention to a very important conversation. There are many opinions about ethnicity in the United States that are not being discussed. These exchanges serve to illuminate some misconceptions and clarify some realities that exist in our culture. An open talk about race and diversity can teach others how to discuss their opinions in a calm, collected and intelligent manner.

The Universities at Shady Grove believes that an open forum where students can voice their opinions is important. That is why there will be a screening of “Skin Deep” on Thursday, March 1st from 5:00-7:00pm in the Crockett Theater. There will be a discussion that follows with a personal experiential component. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage your community in a thoughtful and uplifting way.

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