Unveiling One of my Biggest Secrets!

If I have not discussed it before, I will say it now. Aside from being a Student Blogger at USG. I also work for the Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources (CSEF). It is a great office with amazing staff! When I first started, I was not sure how well I was going to do, or how well I was going to fit in. However, here I am, almost 7 months in. And I love it! The job brings me closer to campus. I am always up to date on the events and other things going on at USG (especially where free food is involved.)

So, when I first started, they asked me to make a sandwich board. If you don’t know what those are, they are those foldable chalkboards usually located in the lobbies of the different buildings. I guess I did such a great job that they continued to ask… and ask… and ask. Every Monday and Friday, I was almost guaranteed to walk around looking like a chalky mess.

Earlier this month, when one of the staff members left, she specifically told everyone in the office that I was going to be left in charge of making sandwich boards and chalking. So I got an email that gave me my duties for this new job.

What’s the big secret you ask? Well, that’s just it! You are reading the blog post of the artist behind the most recent sandwich boards and sidewalk chalk! Many people don’t realize it until I point it out. However, it feels good to know I am doing a good job whenever people do know it’s me.

Attached below are different photos of the ones I remember to catch pictures of.

As always, thank you for reading! And may you enjoy the rest of your week!


Sandwich board promoting Welcome Week



Board to promote screening of Hidden Figures


Sidewalk Chalk for #Powerof9 campaign


Board to promote Screening of Skin Deep. Definitely, something to check out today!


Board promoting Fry-nancial Aid















Board promoting Black History Month Celebration  


Sidewalk Chalk for some more events

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