My First Semester at USG

For many, our time at a university/college defines us. It dictates who we become and what we will do with our lives. We learn who we truly are during the hardships we face while completing our higher education. We, who call ourselves college students, come from all walks of life. Some of us are parents with children of our own at home. Some of us have had accomplished careers but decided to walk a different path later on in life. Some of us are still trying to figure out what life means and what we want to do with it. These are the students that call the Universities at Shady Grove their home campus.

No matter where we come from, we all arrive at USG with aspirations and the determination to accomplish them. As a campus, USG has many resources that all but guarantee success and a unique student culture that allows diversity and the exchange of ideas to thrive.

This first semester at USG was rough for me, having made the transition with a lot on my plate, but the resources available here have made my transition as easy as possible. I aspire to become a family physician and one day work with Doctors Without Borders, providing healthcare to those in need globally. I am a medical scribe, a volunteer member of the Takoma Park Fire Department, a blogger, a Student Ambassador, and most importantly, a Biological Sciences student at USG.

During my short time here at USG, I have met many amazing people whose determination parallels my own. While they may have different dreams, they have the same desire to succeed and move forward. I have met Criminal Justice majors, Communication majors, Business majors, Nursing majors, and so many more who are all at USG to work hard for a bright future. I have utilized countless resources here such as the library course reserves, the study rooms, the classrooms, the writing evaluation through CAS, and much more.

Whether a prospective student, or a student already at USG, you can rest assured that there is something for everyone here. The Universities at Shady Grove was created as a campus for the students, and continues to be so. There are many experiences waiting to be had, and USG is the best place to have them in my opinion.

Happy Holidays to All!!

Thanks for taking a moment to ponder.

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