Can We Talk Food?

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy November! Yes, I know it’s the second to last month in the year. You definitely read that right, the year is almost done. As I sit and realize that it’s already November, I am now starting to think about what I wanted to write about and the first thing that came to mind was food (if you’ve read my bio, you’ll see that I am a huge foodie so this makes sense). can we talk food-

Recently, I have noticed more bake sales and more signs about dinners with important people and fundraising buffets. As my first semester is coming closer to an end, I do know that’s one thing USG is good at: advertising events! Obviously, food is all around us. But there is something about the start of November that makes you think even more about food and more specifically comfort foods. Maybe it’s the cold air or the coming of the holidays but whatever your reason is I know you must have some type of favorite food when this time of the year comes around.

In my last post, Falling Into Fashion, I really enjoyed asking my fellow peers questions so I decided to do that again. When asking Sanny Fernandez what types of foods she gets excited about around this time of year she said, “I love turkey! Everyone says that it’s dry but all I know is my mom doesn’t make it dry at all. Also, macaroni and cheese is my favorite too.” I’d have to agree that macaroni and cheese is definitely one of my favorites. I’m a huge cheese lover so when I make it there are about 5 different cheeses and of course, it has to be baked!

I asked a fellow classmate of mine, Rachel Nelson, what she thinks of and she said, “Homemade hot chocolate. Around the holidays, in my family we just keep baking so cookies and brownies are always around.” Baking is one thing I’d love to get into so when she said that I told her I’m going to need to try it!

I think it’s safe to say that along with the chilly November air, we are all excited for the food that comes along with it. I know I am! USG students, faculty, or whoever may have stumbled upon this blog post please share your favorites with me!

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time! 🙂

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