Starting your Future Now

Ever have that thought “I’ll do it when I get the job?” Sure, college helps you develop a set of skills, but who said you need to wait for a degree? Why not get started as soon as possible? The sooner you get started on whatever career you want to pursue, the more ready you will be when you get that job. When you get that interview, having already begun preparing will give you an edge in.

On Tuesday October 10th, I attended a panel USG hosted for game designers from Zenimax and Bethesda Net. The designers talked about what life in the gaming industry is like, and introduced tips in preparing for the industry. One of the designers said something that stuck to me. He said “Don’t want to become a designer – be a designer.” I felt motivated – like he was speaking to me. If I am passionate about making games, I should do it.

This phrase gave me the push I needed to start sharpening my skills. I want to encourage you to spend time developing your skills outside of class. If you want to be an artist – practice your skill outside of school. If you want to be a programmer, do some coding. Whatever career you want, you should start enhancing those skills required for it.

If you are passionate about something, it is up to you to dedicate the time into making it a hobby. I know that not all of you want to become artists or designers – all of you have different passions. If you want the job, sharpening your skills in that area will help you get it. Once you get the interview, your portfolio will speak for itself.

If you have any questions in regarding career preparations, interview strategies and resume/cover letter writing, the Career and Internship Services Center can help you.


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