There are many resources that several students do not take advantage of at the Universities at Shady Grove. For example, filtered water. Is this a big deal to no one else but me? No Maryland swamp water at USG. Some students are still using the grove WiFi network. Set up your skynet account! It’s twice the speed and doesn’t even take two minutes.

What I really wanted to talk about was the Priddy library located in building 3 on the first floor. The staff and student assistants are welcoming and courteous. They are trying really hard to get rid of the crickets. As of now, they have a cricket farm. When it comes to business, their goal is to put the students first.

We all want to save some cash when it comes to college. Course reserves are a beautiful thing.The library has required textbooks for your classes arranged by program in the library stacks. It doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.  If you don’t see a book for your class, you can ask your professor to put in a request to have it delivered to the library for the semester. The library also has a scanner that allows you to quickly scan materials and upload them to a USB or e-mail them to yourself. The course reserves have a two-hour time limit per student. Do you know what this means? Never pay for a college textbook ever again! Potentially. At least at USG.

You can rent out headphones, phone chargers, iPads, mac or dell laptops and cables to connect your laptop to a screen in the group study rooms. If you want to meet new people, just look in the glass study rooms to see if you recognize anyone and introduce yourself in class. Students in certain programs usually hang out together so you’ll have a community of students with the same academic goals as you. The library also has the biggest assortment of snacks when the cafeteria closes at 2:30 on weekdays. This is your college experience so take advantage!


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