After Math and Next

If you are from the Shady Grove campus then surely you would have heard of this:


But if you did not or by some mysterious reasons you were not able to come, trust me I can only tell you one thing, you have missed out on a crazy, amazing, and fun experience in your life at USG. I choose my words carefully by saying that yesterday was one the most fun afternoons I have ever had at USG. The lituation was on point and the ambiance was kept live from the dope music, to the food, and the competition on the obstacle course. Trust me if I tell you there’s no place that ain’t no fun like at USG.

The cook out started started on time, I was there thirty minutes early like I always do when I know there is going to be food. I got my tickets first and went straight to serving myself some food. The line behind me was huge both by the food and by the ticket stand.

Food was not the only part of the night of course. At USG we always know how to combine education with fun and above all we recognize hard work. In the mixed of all that was going, the Office of Student Services recognized leaders on campus, leaders that had not just marked the school by their pro activeness but also leaders that both on campus and in the community proudly represented the school. They were shown in front of all other student as model to follow and outstanding students.


This was not the end of the cook out, oh no, this was its climax. Next was the obstacle course that took the fame, the competition was lit. I beat the record twice with a record of 2.50 and 2.32. Then got beaten by a better record of 2.25. The record was held by the guy on the very left in the left picture below.


Me in the video attempting to cheat the obstacle. Learned a valuable lesson, obstacles are made to be surmounted, not jumped over.

I really enjoyed the day and know from people facial expressions that there are people who enjoyed it as well. For all this, we have the Office of Student Services to thank. They have done an amazing job getting everyone together as a family under one name, USG.

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