Interview Basics for Graduating Seniors

In my current position, I lead recruitment efforts for my office. As anyone can assume, there are good candidates and there are bad candidates out there. How do you make sure you are one of the good ones?

  • Do your homework. Treat a job interview like a test. There are key things you should know before you step in an interview.
    • Resume – This is the portrait of you that most questions will be based off of. Know it well and bring a copy with you for yourself and the interviewers.
    • Job description – Companies want to know that you know what you’re applying for and the main responsibilities you will have in the position
    • Company background – In addition to getting a basic idea of what the company does, go the extra mile and learn something interesting about the company (i.e. read an article recently published about them).
  • Dress to impress. You can never be overdressed for a job interview, but you can be underdressed. Even if you know the office environment is business casual, dress up and show the company you mean business.
  • Arrive a few minutes early. The easiest way to impress a company, or avoid a bad first impression, is to get to your interview on time

These are just a few basic tips that will score you big points. You’ll need to find a job to apply to first, right? LinkedIn is a good place for job searching. After you find the job, the recruiter might try to find more information about you via LinkedIn (LinkedIn again?!). USG is here to help you!

The workshop below will teach you how to navigate LinkedIn effectively. You can also get your headshot taken!

What? LinkedIn Lab 

When? Wednesday, April 5

Where? Building III 12pm-5:30pm

It is always a good time to make yourself look good…but now you can raise the bar during the job hunting season!

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