Wait what!!! Who did you Nominate?

Did you ever attended a program on the USG campus? Have you ever set foot on the campus for either a tour, a visit or for some information? Are you attending class this semester? If Yes to these questions then, who did you met? who helped you around, who answered your questions? Also who was involved with you, helping you make decisions, showing you the way? If you did it all by yourself then kudos to you! You are a prodigy. However, if any faculty, director or staff member helped you during your time at USG, spent their time and effort making sure your worries are all met, impacted you and your experience at USG and you feel like you will never forget everything they did to you. Then I believe you should look into nominate them into the “Kendall Service Awards“.

If you wonder what is it about, well the “Kendall Service Awards” is an award created by the “USM Regent and former USG Board of Advisers member Cliff Kendall and his wife Camille” thus the name “Kendall”. This Award is divided into three categories: Excellence in TeachingProgram Director of the Year, and Outstanding Service to Student. It is dedicated to recognize and congratulate school personnel (Staff, Faculty, Program Director) for supporting and helping students with their persistence, hard work and involvement during their time at the Universities at shady Grove. It is an Award that shows that we appreciate all they have done to us and invite more participation to other professors to work directly and influence possessively more students and their lives on the campus.file_001-1 file_000

Indeed, USG is not a “fast food” school where you just come and go. Instead, it is a community based school where we promote involvement, hard work and of course education. Recognizing  these efforts are just a human thing to do! Right? So, if you feel that someone had impacted you during your time at the USG by all means nominate him/her in a way to say to thank you and also to use this nomination as a way to call other professors to step up their game.

FYI: Nominations for the 2017 Kendall Service Awards are open during the month of February (2/1/17 – 2/28/17). Let all work together to perpetuate this beautiful tradition.


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