Same Faces | New Experiences (Posted on behalf of Menaza Fernando)

One day, I was walking around Building III in the search of finding an empty classroom when I noticed a familiar face. It was a girl whom I had seen before at Montgomery College. She seemed to recognize me as well and proceeded to greet me.

I decided to sit down with her and strike up a conversation. Before I knew it, we were talking and laughing with the realization of how similar we were. From our personality types to the most random preferences, we realized we had so much in common.

One of the amazing things about attending USG is the ability to develop and continue relationships when interacting in a smaller environment. As opposed to attending a large university where I might meet someone fascinating only to never see him or her again, at USG, the chance of that is much lower.

In fact, you start to feel as if you know the people you don’t even know. You can recognize the guy in your class that you might have never spoken a word to. You can instantly spot a student that comes into your class from a different assigned section (imagine trying to do that in a lecture with 200+ students). You’ll even remember the girl that always sits in the same table in the Green Grove Cafe.

So whether it is recognizing familiar faces from prior events or institutions, or simply moving from class to class with the same students in your respective program, this might be your chance to go from being acquaintances to life-long friends.

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