Two Years Later

It’s hard to believe that I will not be writing another blog post two weeks from today.  It’s hard to believe that I will not be jogging around the school asking people to attend the town hall the last Wednesday of this month (even if it is just for the free pizza). It’s hard to believe that a week from today I will be walking across that stage, accepting my diploma, and moving on to the next phase of my life.

I came into USG thinking it was a small, commuter school that would not be able to give me many opportunities, friendships, or valuable experiences but that is exactly what it gave me.

My involvement gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and create lasting friendships. Here’s a shout out to some of those organizations and the valuable lessons they taught me:

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I’ve had some pretty unforgettable experiences here as well.  Hopefully these are events that will continue to be offered to USG students later down the road:

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I can honestly say that I will not forget my undergraduate years because I feel like I did make the most of it. Congrats to all my fellow graduates and good luck with finals everybody! It has been a real pleasure blogging Around the Grove for the past two years!

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