If I Had a Time Machine (Posted on behalf of Rachel Safferman)

If I Had a Time Machine…

These are the things I would have told myself prior to beginning nursing school four semesters ago. Though time travel has not yet been perfected, perhaps these tid-bits will find their way into the brain of a future of nursing student.

What I wish I knew…

  1. SAVE EVERYTHING: Seriously, every textbook, research paper, and notebook. It will come in handy at some point in your nursing career. I can vividly recall many instances where I thought “Ugh, I wish I still had those Diabetes notes from first semester,” but I cannot recall any times where I wish I had not.
  2. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT MORE POSSIBLE: Though perfection is rare and rather impossible, I am convinced that doing as many practice questions as possible gives you the confidence, skills, and knowledge to tackle much of the content learned in school. Invest in a good practice test question bank and scale the Internet for more! You will become a beacon of information, some relevant, and some just fun to know.
  3. TO KNOW YOUR RESOURCES, IS TO LOVE YOUR RESOCURCES: Day one, scope out the supports that are set in place. At Shady Grove, these are PLENTIFUL. Go to Guided Study Sessions to review content and ask questions, utilize the writing center when you have concerns about those dreaded research papers, and consult the student counseling center if you are feeling like you need an ear to listen or a sounding board to vent.
  4. BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATION: If you are confused on the first day of class, right then is the best time to address your questions! Everything you learn today is the jumping off point for what you will learn tomorrow.
  5. FIND YOUR PEEPS: This is my favorite one! I have met some of my very best friends in nursing school! These people wholeheartedly understand you. Over the next four semesters, you will laugh, cry, struggle, and triumph alongside this incredible group of people. You will form a little family, and families stick together. You will help each other to succeed and pick each other up when you fall. This cannot be overstated; I love my nursing school “peeps!”
  6. ENJOY THE RIDE: There will be many late nights and early mornings, but remember why you started. You are entering a profession that you will love! All these crazy hours will be worth it, and you will receive everything you put in ten-fold. I have learned so much over these last four semesters, much of it content, but even more so about humanity. My patients inspire and motivate me to continue to work hard so that I can provide the highest quality and compassionate care. My classmates reassure me that the future of healthcare is in incredible hands. Looking back on where I have been and where I am going is unbelievably gratifying! I feel so lucky to be apart of this profession, and I hope you will too!
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