Hard work pays off


Derek Nehls, my uncle Walter Nehls, and Director of Undergraduate Programs of Robert H. Smith School of Business, Luke Glasgow

This has been the event that has validated all my hard work and efforts over that past four years. Its the culmination of taking the right decisions, staying focused, being competitive and pushing myself beyond my capabilities and discovering that I was capable of achieving so much more by working harder and pushing myself beyond my limits.  Its a hard difficult journey that when done opens your eyes to your true potential.  Making it this far, completing my degree after having failed before and losing myself for ten years, most people thought I’d never even make it to the podium. But here I stand, among the best of our entire campus, and I can say proudly that I have redeemed myself and give proof to everyone that you are never ever too late to achieve greatness and accomplish your goals.


The prize

Bright and early at 8 am our gran award ceremony took place in the multipurpose room in building II.  The banquet room was gloriously decorated, the big round tables were perfectly set, and the stage was ready for an event that included a buffet style breakfast, a guest speaker, a montage video featuring all of the awardees and finally, our moment to walk the stage to college our awards.


The Smith School Clan of rising stars

I was glad to see my peers and their families celebrating with them on this occasion.  The committee that selects the candidates for these awards must have the most difficult job on campus, we produce so many top students its like splitting hairs picking out the best. This event was as amazing as every other thanks to the superlative work carried out by the Marriott Hospitality and Restaurant Management department.  They deserve a special thanks.

About dereknehls

A Senior at Robert H. Smith School of Business, follow me as I accomplish my aspirations to become a business professional at the UMD's Shady Grove Campus in Rockville, Md.
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