Summer is just around the corner

Even though the weather isn’t always cooperating, I’ve been in a better mood this past week.

Sure, the final neuropsych exam was awful.  I needed a 49% on it to get a C for the module, but walking out of the exam on Friday didn’t exactly fill me with confidence, and this was after having studied for two weeks.

But that doesn’t matter.  My second and hardest year of Pharmacy School is almost over. From here on out, we won’t be bombarded with absurd amounts of lectures and little time to study.  Fifteen credit hours next fall is going to feel like a vacation.

I’m hoping this week is going to be great.  The weather is supposed to warm up, and I’ll be trying to get outside to watch lectures as much as possible. I’ve taken to bringing my son’s small desk out onto the front lawn while he’s off from school and going over notes.

This Wednesday is IPE Day, a day of Interprofessional Education.  Pharmacy students will be in Baltimore that day engaging in activities that will stress cooperation and collaboration between disciplines.

I think back to last summer, where I worked alongside students from other degree programs and discussed ways to cooperate and get patients and clients the best services and care possible.  The DHHS Interdisciplinary Internship was a fun experience and I encourage everyone to apply to this and other internship opportunities.

Keep your eyes open for various opportunities for the summer.  It’s right around the corner, and it’s good to stay active.  Whether you get a job, work on a project, or learn a language, summer break is an opportunity to do things you wish you had time for during the semester.

I hope you all work hard and stay focused these last few weeks of spring semester!


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