Business Minded People: We’ve Got ‘Em

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Independent Business Owners (IBO): the risk takers, the daredevils, those who walk to the beat of their own drum, those who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.

That’s my definition of IBO’s, and the world is filled with them. Every company and organization out there started out with an idea, an idea that was later followed through. 

Every organization started from somewhere, maybe from nothing. In fact, most Startups start in college,a breeding ground for young, talented, business minded people.

The thing is that “students aren’t waiting to graduate to get started, they’re using their connections at school and the support they’re getting to create fascinating startups”. (Business Insider, 2013)

Take Facebook as an example or Yahoo, the ideas for  both of these very profitable websites were birthed in college. Zuckerberg launched “the Facebook” while studying at Harvard University, and Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo while at Stanford University.

Perhaps you’ve heard of College Hunks Hauling Junk? a moving company established by a group of college friends.

These are some examples of extremely successful businesses that were established in college.

Did you know that USG has got business minded people of it’s own? After all it’s a campus with nine different universities with over 50 majors, there’s a lot of talent all in one place.


Stay tuned for my next post which will feature a few of USG’s very own IBO’s.


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