Spring Break 2016

What was planned to be a week of catching up on homework and preparing for interviews, my spring break turned out to be the complete opposite of what was expected.  I started off my break pretty much napping on and off all day (so relaxing…yet the guilt afterwards is pretty ruff). Then, the people in our program (Biological Sciences) started talking about doing a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain together.

It was nice to see everyone outside of classes and study sessions for once! We all met at IHOP and carpooled over to Sugarloaf. Once we got there, we ended up taking a pathway that turned out to be a little more steep than we had expected. We were all out of breath. Some swore to never come back again. But when we finally got up to the top this is what we saw:


We literally sat there for an hour just staring at the view. There were some rain clouds, and we did feel a couple drops of rain, but, somehow, it never ended up raining. I guess luck was on our side. When we finally decided to head back down, guess what happened? We got lost. Maps are definitely your friend. We went from blue path to white path to I don’t even know what path, but we finally did make it back down!

I learned that taking breaks from this cycle of constant studying and work is not only important but ESSENTIAL. You need to have a chance to clear your mind for a bit whether it involves hiking up a mountain or going to watch a movie. I hope you all are having a restful and exciting spring break!

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