Dining With The Chefs: A Fundraiser for a Cause


Dining With The Chefs is a fundraising event “that celebrates MoCo restaurants, local chefs and food producers, while raising funds to support needy families in our community.” (DWTC Facebook Page)

March is rolling to an end which means that April 18th is approaching us. April 18th is no ordinary Monday, because this year it’s the day that Dining With The Chefs takes place.

 It’s hosted by our very own UMES Hospitality students and the goal of the event is to raise money for the USG Campus Kitchens Project. A club  here at USG that buys, cooks, and serves delicious food to the homeless and impoverished community.

This year I have the honor of producing a film for the event along with a few of my classmates in our advocacy film class.

Throughout the semester we have been diligently working in putting together something fabulous for the night of the event. The goal of the video is to advocate for campus kitchens and the local community chefs who help shape the hospitality students into better chefs.

The film will be featured before the event as well as in between courses,it  will feature interviews of local chefs that I was able to meet personally through the making of the film.

This is without a doubt the biggest film project I’ve worked on as a Communication student, and is the first film that I am producing for another organization.

The advocacy film class is one of the more professional film classes offered through the UMD Comm program at USG, as the goal is to advocate, promote, and represent an organization through your work.

The success of this film will help in determining how many donations campus kitchens receives through the live auctions at the event and more importantly it will be something that will serve as a memory for the students, chefs, and volunteers at the campus kitchen project.

The event is on Monday April 18th, and tickets sell fast! So if you are interested in attending a fundraising event with a cause, delicious food prepared by students and local chefs, and if you are interested in seeing our student advocacy film then this is a great opportunity for you.

For more information visit the Dining With The Chefs Facebook page.


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