Code New

In mainstream medical television shows, we often hear the hot-shot doctors declare a “Code Blue.” Within seconds, the team mobilizes to save a life. In layman’s terms, a Code Blue means that a patient is in cardiac arrest and in need of immediate resuscitation.

Why do I bring this up now? Tomorrow, I begin my Senior Clinical Practicum experience, the “capstone” of the nursing program. I will be spending 180 hours in the Emergency Department (ED) at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

I am referring to this experience as a Code *NEW* situation. The ED is a totally foreign concept to me. From the moment I entered nursing school, I knew I was going to pursue a career in pediatrics. I have always loved kids, tiny blood pressure cuffs, and stickers, so it seemed like a perfect fit!

While I know I will work in pediatrics, transplant specifically, this experience is going to thrust me out of my comfort zone and into the fast paced unknown. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Here’s to an exciting new journey! Happy almost weekend, Shady Grove!



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