Keys to *Snow Day* Success

First, almost an entire week of classes cancelled due to the blizzard- and now we just had another snow day yet again. Having the chance to sleep in when you usually have class at 8 in the morning is nice, but how can we ensure that another potential snow day does not go to waste?

The process is simple: plan, organize, discipline, and finally relax.

  • Plan
    So you have a planner- do you actually look at it? Some love having a physical planner to organize their tasks. Others, such as myself, prefer inputting tasks into an electronic calendar. No matter which type of planning device you prefer, having one is essential. But having one is only half the battle. Take advantage of the snow day by reviewing your planner, and making sure you are on track- and get in the habit of checking it daily.
  • Organize
    On top of your desk is your computer with Facebook opened, phone with messages popping up every two minutes, a few unopened textbooks, scattered class notebooks, an unfinished bagel, and your dog waiting for you to pet it (or if it is a cat, it is probably giving you an evil glare)… The only thing missing is actually room to do work! According to the Internet (yay for Google), there is a positive correlation between how disorganized your desk is and how cluttered your mind can feel. By taking a few minutes to file away papers and throw away unnecessary items, it is unbelievable how a clear space can allow you to have a clear mind. 
  • Discipline
    If procrastination were a character in a movie, their famous line would be “I will just do it later.” It’s quite easy to sleep in and be lethargic on a snow day as soon as you see the notification that school is cancelled. However, this is where disciplining yourself is key (key to success!). Pretend as if you actually do have your classes and do those assignments as close as possible to your normal schedule. When you finish, it will be ten times easier to follow the last step in the process.
  • Yes, saved the best for last: relax!
    But I do not mean relax by crawling into bed every chance you get or watching an entire season of a show on Netflix. Sorry! I understand though- assignments, projects, exams- it always seems that professors are out to get you by making everything due at once. But if you master the snow day process and take advantage of these lucky days, maybe watching that episode (or a couple) wouldn’t really hurt after all! 😉

Wise words by the one and only, DJ Khaled, with a slight modification by yours truly.

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  1. Gabe says:

    Great picture!

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