Active Learning

Have you seen the Active Learning Classrooms? I’ve been lucky enough to have two of my classes in this room this semester so far. It’s in Building III – 2133.

The Universities at Shady Grove has Active Learning Classrooms to promote a student-centered approach.

With 36 seats, there are more spaces than students in my classes. This type of classroom encourages collaboration and team work. If you’re working on something at your specific computer station, it can be projected on all the screens in the room.

If you’re interested in reserving a room for a group project and such, check out this link to learn more.

How To Reserve Space

Side note: Just bought tickets to BEYONCE’S FORMATION TOUR! SO EXCITED.


Kristen, a Public Health Science student, using one of the computer stations equipped at each table.

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Hi, guys! My name is Dilani. This is my final year as a University of Maryland, College Park student, and blogger for Around the Grove.
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  1. menazafernando1 says:

    Wow these rooms look awesome. I will be sure to check them out now!

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